Induction day!

I’m going in to be induced today! I can’t wait to meet my little man ❤️ Did any of you have the Foley catheter (I think that’s what it’s called...?) did it fall out when it’s done it’s job, or does it stay in and they have to remove it if your waters don’t break?
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They put mine in and pulled it out when it deflated. Broke my water later on

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Really? Mine deflated like in less than an hour but no it still needed to be pulled out. It’s such a weird feeling lol

They’re sending me home after they put it in, so just wondered whether it would just fall out once it deflated?? 😆

Following as im booked in to be induced this way on Tuesday ☺️

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Good luck mama! :D

You too ❤️

I had one in over night and in the morning I was 4cm and they took it out and broke my waters. Good luck meeting your little boy 😍

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I’m hoping this will be the case with me! She said when I left earlier that I was 1-2, so fingers crossed!

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