2 years ago

Feeling baby flutters

How far along were you when you felt flutters/baby kicks?
Feeling baby flutters

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1 year ago

Update incase anyone finds my post and is hoping for answers... Now 30 weeks, but at my 20 weeks scan it showed I have an anterior placenta, which explains alot! Eventually ended up feeling some proper kicks around 23/24 weeks 😊

2 years ago

Thank you everyone! Seems to be quite a range and especially dependant on which baby this is, I was just curious... And now very excited for that day! 🙈

2 years ago

Im 13+5 and already feeling flutters, we had our scan on Monday and baby dances and moves around alot already. I seem to feel these flutters most days but they're only very gentle faint ones x

2 years ago

I'm 17 weeks today I started mid week last week. I dont feel her everyday tjo some.days its really prominent others its not but midwife said yhats normal xx

2 years ago

16week I've Been feeling them for a couple week now its super faint xx

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2 years ago

Ah how exciting! I'm 14 weeks tomorrow and so can't wait for this... Maybe not long now then! 🙈

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