Love To Dream swaddle review!

i just have to write this for anyone whose baby LOVES to sleep with their arms up or doesn't like being swaddled, get this sleep sack!! my baby is almost two months old and sleeping so much! he slept well before hand but still woke up a lot, and woke himself up a lot. but since starting using this sleep sack he'd sleep a solid 5 hours then went up to 6. then the past week he's been sleeping an 8 hour stretch! followed 3-4 hours stretch. it also calms him down if he's fussy or a lil overtired. its made a HUGE impact because he's so much more playful and curious and joyful especially in the morning. also helped me sleep a lot which is great because i'm starting to feel like a real person again who's actually rested 😅 i'm a first time mom and this was recommended to me and i'm so thankful, so i just wanted to spread some knowledge if it helps anyone!
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Adding to cart for target pick up now! My 5 week old sleeps so well but also constantly wakes himself up so I hope this will help!

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So good to know thanks!! Trying it out for the first time tonight 🤞🏼🤞🏼

it hope it helps you! i got the stage 2 one as well with the removable arms and it was amazing for transitioning his arms free. i swear this sleep sack and following thepeacefulsleeper on instagram is the reason my baby sleeps, she is so helpful!

Just bought this at target today! 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽that it helps my 5 week old sleep!

This sleep sack is awesome! I found it with my second child, wish I wouldve known with my first!

My son loves this swaddle! Total game changer for us!

We’ve tried the love to dream one and had some success. Currently have our son is sleeping at night in the Merlin Magic sleep sack and he’s slept 5 hours so far.... and still sleeping! Had to wake him to feed. He’s 5 weeks

I second this! My boy has been sleeping through the night so to maybe one wake for food since he was 6 weeks old because of this sack! Now we have to transition him to ones with his arms out and I’m scared he won’t sleep as well🙈

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im nervous to do the transition too! but i hope evrrything goes smoothly for you!

Hello Thank u for sharing my baby is 4 weeks hates being swaddled and loves his arms up. He kicks the blanket of and wakes himself up. have u got link for this swaddle and also what age can u use this from do u know and what weight please

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Hi Sonal, these are the brand 'love to dream' their website have so much information on what thickness for temperatures and sizes for bubs weight. They have newborn ones too.

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