2 years ago

Pets that help

Does anybody else have pets that help and love the baby? My cat ‘Mouse’ came over to help get him to sleep. Who needs white noise when you have purzzz 😂 she usually stays well clear of the baby 👶
Pets that help

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Sunshine West, Brimbank, AU
7 months ago

Oh my how gorgeous 😻 I'd love to see more of their relationship on my group page 🥰 https://peanut.app.link/qavtfY1rTnb

2 years ago

That is so sweet and cute! I have a dog that will be great for when my little baby is born. Pets are truly wonderful to have!

2 years ago

My cat loved my oldest. She slept on the floor next to her crib and would come get me when my daughter woke up. She also drove me nuts the first night my daughter rolled over in her sleep. My youngest was my dad's dogs baby.

2 years ago

That’s soo sweet! My cat is always next to my son too. If he starts crying she runs to him & rubs him with her head. It’s the sweetest thing

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2 years ago

She also will sit on him 😂

2 years ago

Aw that’s so sweet! I wanted to get a kitten for when my little ones born but I’ve already got a cat and she won’t like it lol

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