Sounds about right!

What are so preggo brain things that you have done?!
Sounds about right!
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Went downstairs to get a broom to clean upstairs but ended up making a big breakfast, forgot all about it. Mix my words and forget most things, last time I looked everywhere for my glasses then looked in the mirror and realized it was on my face 🤦‍♀️

I put my phone in the fridge and couldn’t find it

Called my partner my cats name 😂 Got in the shower forgetting to turn the water on and stood there wondering what was wrong with it 🤔😂

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Omg I try not to refer to my baby as my puppy's name!!!!... I have started to think before I speak alot to ensure I am using the right name!!! Lolol


Lool forget alot of topics im talking about, literally mid conversation I will say "what was I just saying?" And my mom is like "omg" There are times where I walk into the kitchen with my mind set on refilling my water bottle and guess what, my bottle is not even in my hand, so I go back to my room, guess what its not there either and then I go back to the kitchen and its there on the table sitting pretty. How could the bottle do that to me?

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Lolol sounds like me!!! I'm happy I am not alone!

Lool you're most certainly not 🤣🤣

Doesn't get better after

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Lol!!! Ooo I was hoping it would!

lol I always forget what I’m doing and or talking about I have to set reminders on my phone lol 😝 morning

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Dealing with the same thing over here!! Lol

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