Ovulation day?

Which day did I ovulate? The first stick is from 3 days ago The second and 3rd stick is from 2 days ago The 4th and 5th stick stick is from yesterday And the 6th stick is from today
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That’s tricky! I can’t really tell - Check out this article, I found it super helpful: https://www.avawomen.com/avaworld/long-lh-surge-last/ I also suggest temping to help pinpoint things. Hope that helps!

You would be ovulating today. I would BD today to increase your chances

4th one down

Hey @Christine I would say stick 4 is your peak which would put ovulation 12-36 hours after the peak so today or tomorrow! ❤️

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Thank you!!! ❤️

I agree, the 4th is the darkest!

4th and 5th sticks are your peak so you will ovulate today as it’s usually up to 24 hours after your peak that you ovulate! Good luck and baby dust to you ✨

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Thank you! We BD’d last night. Should we do it again today?

It’s usually suggested to BD the day of peak, the day after peak (ovulation day) and the day after that to cover all bases so I would BD today and tomorrow to be sure!

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