Any bilingual mamas?

I do not speak Spanish, but I am currently teaching myself Spanish and I also want to teach my son Spanish as well. He is 15 months now and I’m starting to teach him words and phases I say everyday to him (first English then I’ll say it in Spanish). Any tips/advice on how I can teach both of us successfully...or how you are teaching your babies?
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Ok thank you 😊

How have you been teaching yourself? I've been wanting to learn to teach my kids

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I’ve been using the app Duolingo

I have a 3 month old son and I speak with him in Tagalog and his dad speak to him in Spanish. At first I’m a little scared cuz he might be confuse but it looks like he understand it cuz he responds every time we talk to him in 2 languages. They can learn English on tv or school.

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Oh wow that’s so much great exposure for him so little!

Mexican immigrant 🙋🏽‍♀️ English is my second language my daughter and bf are learning Spanish

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Does your husband find it easy or difficult learning since he is older..I know adults don’t catch on as fast as kids do. Also do you only speak Spanish to them ?

Have you guys watched the babies documentary on Netflix? From what i understood they said when one parent speaks in English and the other in the language they want to teach its the best way

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I haven’t check it out, but I’m definitely going to soon! We are only English speaking, the closest person I know is my best friend who speaks Spanish.

I would definitely have her speak only in Spanish to the baby and see how it goes!

My husband speaks both English and Spanish, and I only speak English. I am currently using an app on my phone to learn Spanish and between that and my husband it is getting easier. We use both Spanish and English with our son. He understands booths but only speaks English.

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I am using an app too. I took spanish in high school and only can remember the basics, but reading it is so much easier than hearing it for me 🤦🏾‍♀️

I use duolingo and it has really helped. I took it in middle school and some of high-school but couldn't remember much

I speak french and Wolof (a language from Senegal 🇸🇳) and my baby speaks both ( or understands lol, she just says several words yet). Her big sister speaks Portuguese and that’s what they use. So basically she can communicate in 3 languages, I was a little bit scared in the beginning because neuroscientists always advise us to use only one language at a time but I couldn’t help it since my husband and I use 3 languages in the house (even tho we don’t really talk to her in English, she’ll learn it in school). Babies are sponges so just practice with her she’ll catch everything. You can watch “Babies” on Netflix, some episodes talk about language, it’s very interesting.

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I’m so shocked that neurologist would say that. I thought it was actually a good thing when you teach babies multiple languages. I will definitely check that out on Netflix!

On no they actually recommend it, they are just saying one person one language. Sorry I probably didn’t explain myself properly. For exemple, i should speak only french to her and my husband picks another one etc, so the child won’t get confused. Clearly I wasn’t able to do that lol, it’s hard to stick to only one language when you speak several, and obviously she’s alright...for now 🙏🏾😅

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