September babyyyy🥰

Little woman arrived yesterday out off the blue💕 went in to the hospital for suspected UTI infection and 2 hours later we had you! How I got to 9 cm dilated without even realising is beyond me 😫🙈
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She is beautiful.

Congratulations! I had the exact same thing! X enjoy your baby girl x

Congratulation on your baby girl let gid God bless her also she looks like a little doll 💗

Congratulations, shes beautiful x

She is so gorgeous!! That’s one hell of a surprise! I love stories like this. I kind of hope mine arrives unexpectedly but calmly 🤞 I don’t want the build up of being 2 weeks after the due date. Were you not due for a couple of weeks? x

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I was due the 27th but kept being turned away by hospital saying any pains where false labour pains and they couldn’t do anything for me lol turns out they were very wrong x

Congratulations. She is absolutely beautiful 💕

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