2 years ago

Have any of you had an anterior placenta?

I had one with my last little boy but I had felt him move at this point. (I must add he was huge though, 9lb 6oz at birth) I’m nearly 20 weeks and still no movement 😒 I had a private scan at 15 weeks and they told me I had an anterior placenta again. How long did it take to feel baby move for everyone els? I don’t even feel pregnant yet it’s SO disheartening 🥺 all my other baby’s were so active!! ❤️
Have any of you had an anterior placenta?

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1 month ago

I'm the same, im 20 week plus 3 and still no movement. Can the placenta eventually move or will it stay Anterior for the whole pregnancy? Xx

1 month ago

I have an anterior placenta and I can honestly say I just started to feel baby kicks and I am 32 weeks

1 month ago

Means placenta growing in places that's not meant to be

1 month ago

Hi I had something called placenta acretia

4 months ago

My daughter always measured small and she was born premature and small too. I had AP and felt ‘bubbles’ early on. But no noticible movements until around 24+ weeks. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about, but I would always express your concern to your health care provider. I’m a doctor and I always think it’s best to talk through any worries you may have with your midwife etc. they’ll always be happy to listen! Wishing you and your baby happiness and health x

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