2 years ago

Tell me how you found out you were pregnant🤰🏽

I found out the day before my birthday it was April 19th I had that gut feeling that I might be pregnant turns out I was, I took 4 tests to make sure lol☺️ my boyfriend said Happy Birthday🥳
Tell me how you found out you were pregnant🤰🏽

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5 days ago

Missed my period by 2 weeks, thought it was due to stress, then my breasts started to hurt, took a test and was majorly positive

5 days ago

Boobs were so sore to the touch and i was so tired. Bae jokingly said I’m pregnant, we both laughed but I thought let me get a test as banter. Took the test was negative, in the morning it had a faint line. Everyone said the dye probably ran through as hours had past. Bought a clear blue digital to be sure and 🌟surprise🌟 1-2 weeks pregnant 👀😂. We’re both extremely happy, but baby was defo a shock. 😂💙

1 month ago

I found out I was pregnant October 30th I was one day late on my period and was having heavy pregnancy symptoms like sore boobs, fatigue, nausea and mood swings. What put the icing on the cake for me to actually take a pregnancy test was I was throwing up a week before I missed my period. I was in huge shock and denial about being pregnant I took 7 test just to make myself believe it even more lol and now I have my beautiful baby girl that will be 7 weeks August 27th 🥰.

1 month ago

I found out the day before i got married with my first😂

1 month ago

I found out on 26th December 2020, locked myself in the bathroom and text my bf of 6 months at the time telling him because we had his dad staying with us and we weren't sure what was going to happen as I told him he could leave if he didn't want the baby as he was only 19 at the time... Now we have a beautiful baby girl who was born on his 20th birthday

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