2 years ago

Early pregnancy bump, how big is normal?

Hi Ladies, I am 9 weeks pregnant and seem to look pretty big for this early on... I was just wondering who else experienced the same kind of thing? If anyone has any photos of them early pregnant and how big their bumps were? Interested to see who else showed this early 👶🏼
Early pregnancy bump, how big is normal?

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1 month ago

There is no “normal” but I found mine went up and down a lot. Some days I looked huge and others hardly nothing. You also carry a lot of water in the beginning and are very bloated. You look great though so just embrace it 😊

1 month ago

I had a lot of bloating in the first trimester and it seemed almost larger than it is now on week 9-10! Also had the same worries that it’s too big, but now the digestion improved and it looks a lot more like a “normal” small bump at my 14 weeks.

7 months ago

No bump size is “normal” as we all have different bodies! Some ladies show earlier some are smaller than others on same weeks etc. my hunk was so tiny I didn’t pop until about 30/32 weeks. Don’t compare your bump to others as we are all different! Also people who have been pregnant before show earlier as well 😊❤️

7 months ago

I did with my 2nd (with 2nd pregnancy you show earlier than with first normally), ..but it turned out to be twins!

8 months ago

I showed early on too as this Is my first pregnancy bubs is growing at a good size and I am now currently 24 weeks. I wouldn't worry at all as our bodies change and react differently to what's going on :)

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