4 years ago

October Mommas what have you packed for hospital

Hi October moms my due date is 30days away, I’m excited and nervous as this will be my 1st child. I wanted to know from both 1st time mommas and experienced momma what do you pack in your hospital bag.

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3 months ago

What I'll be doing this time round I'll pack 0000 -000 as I use to only pack 4 zeros and my last daughter was 12 pound 1 and only fit in 00 so I was quite screwed haha

1 year ago

Sports nozzle water bottle, so you can keep drinking water while lying down. Literally saved my life when my bp dropped during the epidural and even max drip on the IV was not giving me enough fluid.

2 years ago


3 years ago

Have a

Frisco, Texas, US
3 years ago

All I had packed was pjs, shirt and some hotel travel soaps for the odd case of an emergency transfer to take place. I had a home birth, so everything I needed at the time was right there. I would say that buying depends were awesome to have compared to the cheap hospital ones they give you. So maybe consider that. Oh and a nice water bottle

Frisco, Texas, US
3 years ago

Don’t forget snacks!!!! Seriously! You will want/need these during labor

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