1 year ago

Am I the only one?

Everyone makes mom life especially stay at home mom life out to be this super magical fun fulfilling amazing adventure. Umm going on 8 months here and this is nothing at all like I imagined. All those cute little pinterest ideas are all fails and make me feel like I'm failing at life. Making my son's food from scratch?! The idea was cute the recipes I found SUCK! He cries and is very impatient. Am I failure or is everyone just taking their losses in silence? This momma is tired and needs some encouragement. This photo is the aftermath of trying to do yet another arts and craft with broccoli, a crying baby, crying baby's foot, and paint.
Am I the only one?

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18 days ago

Nope we usually only post the ups not the downs. They’re probably capping lol

1 month ago

I feel the same

3 months ago

People make money from those Pinterest posts usually advertising or trying to get brands people to follow or whatever - yeah it’s good to get get ideas but keep being u and just living and breathing keeping you and your baby alive and well 👍 it’s all good mama xoxo … my house was a sea of toys today and I spent hours tidying when my 2 year old finally went to bed - but only cos I wanted to — most of the day we just waded through the plastic mess and hoped for the best

4 months ago

There is so much pressure to be the perfect mama nowadays, due to social media's lies. Cutesy, aesthetically pleasing, super curated lifestyles and families don't really exist! Even the ones who are selling this false ideology probably don't live like they claim they do. With all the effort that they put into their "perfect" photos, I wouldn't be surprised if these influencers and Pinterest Moms have zero time or patience for their own children! My advice is just to take each day at a time. Being a parent isn't meant to be easy and it certainly tests your patience and your nerves. Don't buy into the lie that mom-ing should be all breezy and beautiful and instead accept the good with the bad. Life has always had Its ups and downs and 2022 should be no exception just because social media is now a thing. Pinterest doesn't magically make mom life easier! Sending you lots of strength and encouragement today. X

4 months ago

Honestly I can type out 10 pages of frustration here but I'll hold myself 😭 I don't have any solution for you but need you to know there are lots of mums out there just like you and myself who are struggling. There are also mums on social media e.g youtube who don't show the tough sides because they need the views/likes. Chin up, you're trying and You'll be fine ❤

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