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1 year ago

Anyone heard about Raspberry Leaf Tea?

Apparently drinking it around 32nd week can help soften your cervix and get your body prepared for labor. Apparently shortens labor as well. But is this even true? Anyone got any first hand experience about this? I’ve just had my first cup. Tastes like a strong herbal tea. Quite refreshing. Anyone know about this ?
Anyone heard about Raspberry Leaf Tea?

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8 days ago

Drank it from about 32 weeks with my first pregnancy, got induced and had a speedy 4 hour labor, obviously can't say for sure whether the tea helped but my uterine muscles certainly felt very strong 😆 am back on it again now that im 33 weeks with baby no2

20 days ago

@Marsha to prevent tearing you can try perineal massage. It's recommended by midwives. I did it with my first and I think it helped a little. I still had a little tearing though as he was 8lb 2oz and his head was in the 96% percentile 😅 But only one or two stitches

1 month ago

Oh my gosh I love the stuff Been using it for over 10 years actually my friend grows raspberries in her yard and just gave me a bunch of fresh thorny leaves🌿 to dry out and use to my liking 😍

2 months ago

I had it, and dates too. Labour was 80 mins, pushed for 5 mins.

2 months ago

I used it for my 2nd, was happy for it to be a placebo. BUT I had horrific after pains! 6ish hour labour. With my 3rd I just ate dates which I do anyway. I was bracing myself for bad after pains and barely had any (3 hour labour). So, I would say proceed with caution if you feel like it would help but go easy on it...I can't say I would actually recommend it.

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