• A
  • College Station, United States
  • 3 months ago

baby shower/ gender reveal

okay soooo i’m in my second trimester (13w) and i’m not entirely sure when i’m supposed to have the gender reveal (keep in mind we haven’t told our parents yet) i really wanna know what my baby should, i wait until further in my second trimester to have the gender reveal?
  • C
  • Westerville, United States
  • a month ago

I am 19 weeks, I had my anatomy scan on Wednesday and Saturday is our reveal. I would have it as soon as you can find out. I only waited because I didn’t want to pay for the NIPT and I don’t trust the accuracy of sneak peak and early ultrasounds. I trusted my doctor at 19 weeks, I’ve seen it go wrong other ways too many times. You can do your announcement as soon as you’re comfortable. I told family and close friends in person as I saw them starting at 4weeks and 3 days. Once I’d finally told everyone that needed to know in person I announced on Snapchat(my only social media) at 14 weeks.

  • J
  • Kernersville, United States
  • 2 months ago

I went to sweet pea in Greensboro to have an early gender and she was a girl and stayed a girl. I love doing smoke bombs for gender reveals in photo shoots 😍

  • N
  • Northwood, United Kingdom
  • 2 months ago

Remember, we don’t have many surprises in life....make this one a surprise

  • Julia
  • Nashville, USA
  • 2 months ago

I would find out as early as you can! It helps with planning so so much and helps you build a registry (which is incredibly stressful)

  • V
  • Cimarron Hills, United States
  • 2 months ago

For my first, we announced at 12 weeks and then did a reveal at 20 weeks. We did our reveal and announcement at the same time with my second, at 20 weeks.

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