Scared of giving birth!

I’m 25w5d pregnant! This is my 3rd pregnancy. I had a miscarriage in March & got pregnant again in April! I already have an amazing 9 year old daughter! It’s been a long time since having a baby & I’m afraid of everything going wrong I don’t know how to keep it out of my mind it’s just there I’m afraid of giving birth the pain and something going wrong! I just want advice from other women!
Scared of giving birth!
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I too have the same fears so I can't give advice that I can't take myself. I just try to keep busy and free my mind as much as possible. I have two kid's in highschool and now pregnant with my last at 34wks

I had the same worries... And after having friends go through emergency C sections after hours and hours of labour, almost dying and the awful recovery that takes months I couldn't justify having a vaginal birth. I asked for a c-section. A week before my due date I went in on a Monday. It took 15 minutes max for them to take him out and I had him to hold in my arms without having had a traumatic experience. Because it was a planned c-section there was no damage like in emergency ones and I was out of the hospital in 48hrs and able to do everything including running up the house stairs within that week. Best choice I've made. Good luck!

Congratulations 🎊 just remember how wonderful it is to hold ur new born for the 1st time and stay Faithful...God will keep u both safe. God Bless

Trust that your body knows how to give birth, and don't be afraid to ask for the epidural

I just gave birth to my baby boy in May and also have a 9 year old daughter! I was nervous too but everything went perfectly fine, super quick, but that’s it! I chose a homebirth and medication free this time and gave birth to him in my bath! My water broke and 3 hours later I was holding my 10 pound baby boy. I was 22 when I had my daughter and 31 when I had my son. Your body knows what to do and your instincts will kick in! I didn’t think I could do it, medication free, but I did! You got this!

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Thank-you, i really needed to hear this, my son is now 10 was born in may 20th 2010 and this ones due 19th may, im reassured now as im 34 and was worried i couldnt do it or maybe was to old and panicking something bad will happen xx

I feel exactly the same way this is my rainbow baby I havnt been able to get pregnant since I had my son in 2008 ! Finally I’m pregnant with a little princess and everything is going wrong 1. I have a heart problem & am on bedrest & have to deliver with an emergency c section in Tampa General because that’s the closest level 4 hospital to me. 2. My father who we were living with had his job for 18 years and got fired right after I got pregnant so he just basically left me and my fiancé sleeping in his truck that we gotten into an accident in and was totaled be the airbags deployed but it was a tiny one cab any ways, so my fiancé finally came up with enough money to rent an efficiency/room for a week so he knew I was okay and had somewhere to lay down & rest on bedrest, so he gets a job making near to nothing and they are giving him hardly any hours so we’re struggling to even pay rent here. We can’t live with his parents because they live with his uncle & wife & his wife is a terrible

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Person and is making them get out by the first on the year because she wants her “space” which btw she has a 4 bedroom huge house that his mother and father stay I. There room way on the other side of the house, and they pay them 1200 dollars just for a little bedroom and a bathroom. So let’s just say this has been the most difficult year yet! The only good thing to come from it is my princess I’m pregnant with but it’s getting closer and closer and idk if we’re going to have a place for her 😣🤞🏻🙏🏻 we NEED a miracle!! Sorry for the long text I’m just overwhelmed and emotional and scared. I already had to give my son up in 2008 because I was 15 & in fostercare and they we’re going separate us & then he would have been in fostercare so to give him the life I never had I gave him up for adoption to a wealthy family that could give him a perfect life & I made it closed because It was so hard for me I had already had him for 6 weeks, I can’t give my baby girl up too I’m almost 30 I can’t 😣

9 years old gap is not big deal. My mom was 45 when she gave birth to my sister. Im 22 and she is 9 now. So dont worry, you will be fine♥️ im scared of the pain as well. But is worth it💯

I have a smililar feeling I had a miscarriage in March and fell pregnant in April I'm currently 26weeks and I'm so scared that something bad is going to happen it's an awful feel especially when you are trying to enjoy your pregnancy xx

I felt the same way when i got pregnant with my son, and to be honest all i did was talk to God because nothing else would ease my mind i had a miscarriage before i had my son too

No one is perfect. Labor is hard to begin with and so is being a parent. Make sure you have a good support system. Also being pregnant around this time is so hard with covid. Dont stress to much i do know how your feeling but it will all be different than your first. Iv had 4 kids and all of them were so different from pregnancy to growing up.

I highly recommend hypnobirthing!! The positive birth company have an affordable online course that I did before my last labour and found it amazing!! It sounds hippy dippy but it's honestly not. Very logical! And all about keeping calm and having a positive birth experience xxx

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Hypnobirthing was amazing for my labor! The contractions didn't feel painful just uncomfortable. Highly recommend it! And saying positive affirmations everyday is important. Also I highly recommend a doula to advocate for your desires and your birth plan. Have backup birth plans just in case. Talk about how you would handle different scenarios with your doula and your midwife/doctor. Read books on giving birth. The more knowledge you have the more confidence you have.

Yessss, agreed 100%. I had a homebirth and gave birth to my 10 pound baby in the bath, no tear.

I understand your fears and worries from personal experiences. The best advice I can honestly give is to pray to God for peace. I was to a point where I couldn't sleep or eat because I was so overcome with fear and nothing helped until I gave that fear to God and trusted Him to take care of everything. I will be praying for you and your baby 💕

Try not to worry too much. This is your rainbow baby. Enjoy the journey

Hey❤ I had my first in 2012, then a traumatic miscarriage in 2014, then when I got pregnant in 2017 I was a mess. Luckily my husband and doc were understanding and tried to settle my nerves. I was still nervous with my next pregnancy and even my current, where it actually started as a twin pregnancy and we lost a twin, but in 2014 I had nobody and over the years I've built friendships with others who have had losses and it helps❤ if you are ever worried about something don't let anyone brush you off, make yourself heard ❤

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