1 year ago

Pregnant with my rainbow!

Hello everyone !! I’m Heidi. In 2010 I had my first pregnancy. I miscarried at ten weeks. In 2018 I had my second pregnancy. I had mmc and a blighted ovum and baby did not grow passed six weeks. That loss physically almost killed me due to a lack of care from medical doctors. Anyway I am now nine weeks with my third baby. I’m sure you can understand why I am so nervous. I pray every night but I wake up crying sometimes. And sometimes I wake up thinking I’m covered in blood. I’m looking for people to reassure me. I’ve had two ultrasounds already. First one was at six weeks. The second nine weeks one day. Baby is growing and has strong heartbeat. Just want encouragement.
Pregnant with my rainbow!

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9 months ago

Congratulations mama ❤ I also lost my baby (1st pregnancy) and have 2 more kidd. It's gonna be ok mama....take it easy (or atleast try) baby feels what mama feels so keep urself busy try painting arts n crafts like a color by numbers or play online scrabble....go for short walks and stay hydrated. Get hooked on a good Netflix series like Grey's Anatomy which has 17 Ling seasons (great show if u like medical) or Shitts Creek which is so hilarious I've watched the whole series 3 times.

10 months ago

I totally understand! I had two miscarriage 2018 and then in 2020. It crushed my husband and me. Then we got pregnant in May 2021 without knowing it until July 2021! I thought I had my period in June, but it wasn’t after all. Now, I am at 28w 1 d with a healthy baby girl!! We are so relieved and grateful. Don’t give up. Miracles can happen.

11 months ago

I lost my third at 6w and when we conceived 4 I was so nervous 💗. I ended up writing down a bunch of scriptures and looking at them everyday and they brought me peace. He's super rowdy wild healthy 3yo boy today 😜❤️🙌

11 months ago

I am also pregnant with my rainbow baby! I had a miscarriage in the beginning of the year at 5 weeks and then I also had a MMC blighted ovum at 10 weeks in April. I am now 13 weeks and baby bug looks great! I understand being nervous….I get nervous anytime I go to the bathroom or have an ultrasound. Here if you wanna talk! ☺️

1 year ago

I understand dear it's just you afraid I lost my 1st baby in 21 week and second in 3 weeks and with 3rd she is 28 months old now.my entire pregnancy I was so worried could not enjoy it.trust god and have regular chack up but don't overthink as it is not good for the baby you are paranoid from the past experiences but talk to your baby that helped mei really believes she heard me from 3rd week ok pregnancy

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1 year ago

Thank you dear my baby is now nine weeks old !! I’m so in love with her

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