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Hey ladies, I went to the Dr today and am 6 weeks. I’m considered a high risk pregnancy and even if you aren’t, I’m curious what are some tests and stuff they do throughout your pregnancy? I know there’s like a glucose test but I’m just curious what’s coming in this new chapter of life! Thank you in advance ladies ☺️
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I was high risk due to my Hashimoto thyroid and they kept and close look on my T3 T4 and TSH levels also the Glucose was not bad(I got orange it was yummy)also they take good care of u when ur high risk

They'll do alot of blood work, but don't fret, mama! You're going to be just fine

I had a high risk pregnancy with our twins (I think all multiple pregnancies are considered high risk). I got ultrasounds every two weeks instead of the usual four, had extra blood and urine tests, and saw a high risk OBGYN. I ended up getting a c-section at 34 weeks due to pre-eclampsia and anemia, but was scheduled at 37 weeks. I hope that helps!

Also high risk and 34 weeks. I had to get an ultrasound at 8, 14, 20, 28, (and will get another at 36 weeks), and started going in every week for a non-stress test at 28 weeks where I just sit at the doctor office for an hour and they monitor the baby’s heart rate. Luckily have not had any issues 🤞

I was a high risk pregnancy due to having uterine didelphys - I have two uteruses and two cervix...I had extra growth scans from 28 weeks so doctor could monitor my daughter's growth. She was severe IUGR. Born at under the 1st percentile but is catching up with her weight now. I had the initial NT blood tests and scans at 12 weeks, anatomy scan at 20 weeks the glucose tolerance test and then the growth scans at 28, 30, 32, 33, 34 and 35 weeks. I was induced at 36 weeks because of the IUGR. I was also on progesterone all through my pregnancy and was being monitored for threatened incompetent cervix

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I was born with only one kidney. I found out when I was 25 for an unrelated issue. I had as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy after finding the two uteruses so the doctor could see the extent of the abnormalities. That's when we found out I had two cervix. After the surgery I was originally told that we were at higher risk for miscarriage and also preterm delivery. It is all really dependant on the person really. My daughter measured smaller from the anatomy scan - at the 12 week scan she was on track, by 19 weeks the growth was one week behind. At 28 weeks we had dropped to two weeks behind and in the 4th percentile. From 28 weeks to 35 weeks, the growth slowed down to less than the first percentile. At the 30 week scan, the tech saw that her feet were turning in - bilateral talipes or clubfoot was the diagnosis. At that point we weren't sure if it was positional or structual but my OB was confident that it was positional because she had less space to grow (he was right)

Oh my gosh, I have Uterus Didelphys too lol I’ve never talked or met with anyone who had that. Were you also born with 1 kidney? I’d really love to talk more about this from someone who is similar.

Well I guess it depends on your conditions, like why you high risk and things like that. I’m high risk because I lost 2 pregnancies due to incompetent cervix, I have a cerclage it was put at 12weeks, so they check my cervix frequently and I’m also getting the progesterone shots. The glucose test is not until later like 20+weeks I think and I failed with my first baby I had gestational diabetes and had to follow a diet, i was pricking my fingers I think 🤔 like 4-6 time daily or at least before and after every meal and I had to take some meds at some point too because. I like I said earlier it really depends on your conditions though every high risk is treated differently.

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I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, I can’t even imagine. You’re a strong mama 💪🏼 I have Uterus Didelphys, meaning I have two uterus’s and two cervix’s. I didn’t even find out until I was like 20 yrs old, it was crazy but anything because of that I was born with one kidney so I’m not sure exactly where my complications lie.

I’ve had 2 scans so far and a midwife appointment. At the second scan after the bloods were taken they wrote to me saying I was showing signs of a small baby and early labour so I have been told I’ll need extra monitoring. I received these scan appointment letters the other day. I had the same with my first born 10 years ago but never had this many appointments!!

In Australia as a normal pregnancy I had a 6 week scan, 12 week (dating scan), 20 week morphology scan, 20 weeks first midwife appointment, 24 weeks second appointment (tomorrow). From what Ive received from my midwife I will have 1 more scan in a few weeks, a routine glucose test (im technically obese but not high risk) and a midwife appointment for the next 4 weeks until birth.

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Did you do NT scan at your 12 weeks?

Aah yes I did!

I have had a two like a (Pap smear, Biopsy), soon is a second blood test ( first one was my blood and second one is for the baby's blood to check for anything like down syndrome), of course the Sonograms/ Ultrasounds too!

I’m high risk myself but everything been the normal tests

You go the different testing with different risk me being diabetic I sent threw a few at one point I had a sonogram at least once a week and a nst (non stress test) 2 times a week but being high risk you should be seeing 2 drs threw your pregnancy one that handles the high risk part that sends you for the testing and such and the regular delivery ob

I wasn’t high risk, but I was geriatric. In my last trimester, I had to go in for non-stress tests (NST) and ultrasounds twice a week. That requires going to L&D to get hooked up to monitors to check mine and the baby’s heart, as well as potential contractions for 20 minutes minimum. The entire pregnancy, my baby was also transverse/breech, so I had to have a C section. 😊

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I was always told because of my condition that if I ever got pregnant the baby would be breached and I’d have a C-section. How was your c-section? I’ve heard a couple different things.

Hi what’s the condition that causes I to always be breached? X

I was high risk with mine It was mostly extra vaccinations and extra scans I developed complications (high bp) at 37 weeks and was in and out of hospital then had a cesarean 4 days after my due date and they didnt check my cervix until the day before they did the cesarian

What’s the difference between delivery center and birthing suit? Sorry, FTM lol

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Birthing suit is like really chill and is ran by midwives a birthing centre is drs midwives nurses and anaesthetists. If I would have had my daughter in the birth centre I would have had to rushed to the delivery suite 30 mins away as there was no drs to help as her heartbeat dropped. So it’s safer for me to deliver where everybody is on hand

I’m high risk and just need higher folic acid dose aspirin extra scans and GD. Can’t give birth in a birth centre has to be delivery suite and I’m under consultant not midwife

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I'm classed as high risk, I'm 19+4 now, got my 20wk scan today but also had a letter through for a scan at 28 wks. So all of the above on the letter the lady posted applies to me. But i will also be having more regular scans, seeing my consultant and i see another midwife regularly just for discussion to see how i am etc as i only have my usual appointments with my normal midwife. I've had cervical treatment in the past, my bmi is a little higher than it should be but I've also bled from a hematoma during my pregnancy. The hematoma remains there, reduced in size and the bleeding has stopped but I'm still high risk. X

My whole life so far the doctors have always classified me as obese, that right there naturally already put me in at high risk, I then ended up developing gestational diabetes which was tough because I hate needles. This pregnancy is different, so far I’ve been passing the glucose tests 😁 I will warn you, you get a lot of blood drawn through out your pregnancy. Whenever I have to get blood drawn I tell my boyfriend that I’m going to the vampires lair 😂

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Hahah the vampire lair. I love vamps, I may use that. So if you end up with gestational diabetes, what do you do for that?

You’ll have to frequently see your OB during your second and third trimester. Depends on what makes you high risk as well. I was diabetic with fibroids. I also had a C Section before my due date.

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Every health issue requires different attention but I’m sure any question you have as far as testing can be answered by your regular OB & assigned high risk doctor. My high risk doctor specialized in diabetes & thyroid issues. I had two different OB the entire pregnancy. I went to see both of them the entire pregnancy. Make sure you feel comfortable with your doctors. Change them if you don’t. Stress will not help.

So I have Uterus Didelphys, meaning I have two uterus’s and two cervix’s, & was born with one kidney, so I’m considered a high risk for complications. I’m just curious what all is to come, I’d probably do anything/ any test to make sure the babe is okay.

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