1 year ago

Opinions on dopplers at home?

I've been struggling with my anxiety with this pregnancy. I have been thinking about purchasing a doppler.....whats your opinions on this? I am 14 weeks today, should I hear a heart beat?
Opinions on dopplers at home?

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1 month ago

I would defo get one iv got one and had it with my first pregnancy now I'm pregnant again only 10 weeks but I can here my baby heart beat it eases my anxiety I won't do it all the time but one a week is great. I live hearing its heart beat so many people told me of for getting one but its amazing. Its a personal choise hun if you want one get one and don't let anyone put you of x

3 months ago

I would say get one I bought one to keep me calm and at ease go for it mama! I listened to him almost every night and it totally made my day/night

4 months ago

The midwives still take ages using it to find the heartbeat. I know she's in there because I feel her all the time, so I don't get worried. I just tell the midwife it's usual that they can't find her heartbeat 😂 might take 10mins or so checking every inch of my belly

9 months ago

I understand anxiety but try and stay calm, keep rested, hydrated and take short walks when it's not to hot out like 5pm....anxiety can be very difficult however I do know therapy always helps me.

11 months ago

I believe the emit radiation. You should be careful with them. Avoid unnecessary exposing baby to radiation.

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