1 year ago

Early gender test!

Bought an early gender test. Anyone else used one before? The results are said to be around 99.1% correct! I’m dying to know if it works or not!! 🤞🏻💙💝
Early gender test!

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1 month ago

We are you can buy this test please?

6 months ago

I did this, told me I was having a boy but I had a girl!

6 months ago

Why don’t people just do the blood test? You only have to be 10 weeks..

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6 months ago

It is & it’s been there since 2012. It’s nothing special that they wouldn’t have, it’s just a blood draw like you normally do at visits… It’s called the NIPT test.

6 months ago

I did and it was correct

Smiths Falls, Lanark County, CA
7 months ago

My sister did a few weeks ago, it was confirmed last week. Her test worked :)

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