Calgary, Alberta, CA
1 year ago

100 Days of NICU and Max

100 Days. 100 Days of NICU, of tests and tubes. Of oxygen and medicine. Of doctors and nurses. I didn’t think we’d be here 100 days in, but we are. It’s hard at times to accept. But it also means we’ve had 100 days of loving you. Of holding you, seeing you smile. Of seeing your giant personality win over all your nurses, RT’s and anyone who meets you. Of rocking you to sleep and holding your tiny hand. We don’t know when you’ll be home, but we do know we’ve been so incredibly lucky to be your parents ❤️
100 Days of NICU and Max

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3 months ago

Aww thank God!!! I’m so glad he is okay!! :) God bless him he is the cutest strongest baby!😍🥰

3 months ago

He’s a strong and beautiful little baby .. please keep us all posted when he returns home.. stay strong for your little one and pray he will be home soon.. god bless

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5 months ago

🙏I know it’s so haRd. Stay strong

1 year ago

Hey Max praying your doing great!

1 year ago

Join my NICU GROUP MAMA it just started

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