• T
  • 13 days ago

Let’s do some adulting... and complain about being an adult 😂

What are some of the things you didn’t know were expensive before you were an adult, or... before you became a parent?
  • J
  • 13 days ago

Rent. Buying food.. Bcus who the hell pays to live??

  • C
  • 13 days ago

Formula. It’s criminal how expensive the stuff is!

  • O
  • 21 days ago

Every damn thing 😂

  • R
  • about 2 months ago

Toiletries! We all need different hair products and different body products, deodorant, face wash, beard sh*t for the hubs, dandruff shampoo for my son, every smelly good thing for my daughter (puberty has hit and my god she's a stinky girl!). Toiletries alone are easily $80 each time.

  • T
  • 3 months ago

Kids shoes

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