Have you girls seen instagram and facebook girls were they look all sexy and awesome looking and have like a million likes ? I mean it makes me feel like shit when ever their pictures come up and even worse when my husband it's watching. Or even in a xxx movie, their body is so great that I don't even know what to do with my self. It just makes me feel ugly... Does it happens to some of you too, that feeling?
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All the time I cannot stand

You’re beautiful. I used to feel that way until one day I was like...I’d rather be happy than be skinny. My body is perfect. If your dude doesn’t agree...drop him.

I have a ig friend who’s all into working out, she posts herself at the gym almost everyday and for some reason now that I had my baby it bugs me to see her posts. I think she’s beautiful and I know she’s a nice person but I’m salty and I’m Hating right now. I think it’s hormonal and I know that if I wanted to get back in shape I could, I’m missing my motivation though. I think with women in general were taught to be competitive with our bodies and our looks. I’ve seen it a lot. We need to just focus on ourselves and our world and do what we need to do to feel better about ourselves. And I’m sure if we all posted pictures with our tits pushed up under our chins we’d all get a lot more likes 😂

Don't compare yourself to Instagram girls. It took me a long time to feel good in my own skin, I've done modeling and the pictures I post from that I look nice, but I don't always look good in real life, lol. Instagram was made to show what you want people to see. We are all beautiful!

Yes ma'am. You're not alone. *hugs*

Some men are just nice and polite and will give you compliment after having a baby. It makes us feel a tiny bit secure but deep inside we just want to get back to our original size 😂. Also remember how you were looking we when he met you as that is what attracted him to you. My partner told me how beautiful I am after giving birth etc , but this week he was like you don't look like you have giving birth and it is just 3 months and kiss me ( you know the kind of kiss that say I have her back) 😂😂

Same here I feel and look so ugly

If you were trained on how to pose like those girls, if you had legit PHOTOGRAPHERS like those girls and if you had people EDITING your photos like those girls, if you had personal trainers like those girls, not to mention that a lot of them have had cosmetic work done......you’d look just like them. It’s a whole damn team of people to make them look like that. I feel this way a lot too. Social media sucks. But I always just remind myself, if I had their team of people, or their skills in taking pictures, I could look just that good too.

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Take those words for granted. I am a fashion photographer and yes that is how it works. We made the image is not real

Your gorgeous girl ! You shouldn’t put yourself down , I use to be the exact same way and would get so angry when my husband would stare or pictures like that would come up on his IG but I have just learned and accepted the fact that there will be always something better than what we already have and that’s okay ! As long as your happy with what you have, and you work on your own ☺️ and now I just embrace another woman ! Like , “ you go girl “ and it just feels so much better, women empowerment is so beautiful ❤️❤️

I don't understand why women get so worked up over other women who are not in their day to day life! I am not skinny nor perfect and honestly couldn't give a F**k less about these women! No man is perfect either and if any of you honestly expect your man not to look then your expectations of him are way too high! Men are going to look it's just part of their genetics! Men compare themselves to other men as well they just go about it differently than us women! Unless your hubs is comparing your body to theirs then you need to stop focusing on the negatives in life! I watch porn/XXX vids with my hubs and we sit there and laugh about how fake they are! Find something about yourself that you like and build on that! You seem to be really pretty from your pic but if you're not happy with your appearance work on it! I will say though excepting yourself for you is the best thing you can do!

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Couldn't have said it better Carrie! My piece of advice would be to stop comparing yourself to others and work on yourself. Men will look at other women whether you are around or not, whether you are skinny or fat or pretty or ugly, its in their nature.. you control you and the way you feel about and yourself and if you're going around life sad and moappy - know that that is more unattractive than an "ugly" person. Im sure my husband likes profiles of women on the web but he's made a choice to be with me and love me..and if he chooses not to be around for me then I would thank him for not wasting my time.


I'm happy to be apart of the statistic that is moving away from social media. I deleted my accounts almost 4 years ago and feel SO much better for it. Like others pointed out - it's all a highlight reel. People are drawing comparisons based on people's 'seemingly perfect lives', and it makes you feel like you don't compare - or need to improve. Not the case. These women take 50 pictures before posting one just like everyone else and then continue to the filter/editing apps. And they're unlikely to share their turmoiling days, or they're labeled "over sharers" , it's a lose lose xD. PLUS, aside from feeling like crap about perceptions - how many hours in a day have you lost just aimlessly scrolling the news feed. Getting stressed about things that otherwise wouldn't have affected your day - anxiously tossing over in your mind the things your absorbing from multiple different sources. My mind is so much less anxious since dropping it, and I feel better about my self image! :) .

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If staying in contact with family is a concern, I really like Google Plus - it's no where near as hostile as the other forms. AND I share pictures with grandparents and aunts/uncles with Nixplay Frames now :) . They always have great deals to buy them, so we give them as gifts now - and you can instantaneously upload photos to the frame (it has imbedded wifi) from your phone or computer. I love them! I don't feel like I have to sacrifice sharing our growing kids with family by not participating in social media.

So many folks are selling a product or posting a photo to reel you in to pitch some MLM to you. Def feel bad, but def scroll on by! Sucks to not feel awesome in your body. The older I get the more I appreciate when women post bikini photos with postnatal lines and elastic skin. We earned every one! It’s so hard to accept our bodies looking different and we need to see these ladies more than buff model babes.

definitely im trying to ignore that makes me feel ugly or loser when i dont get hardly any likes on realistic nice pictures or funny jokey ones i occasionally post. i think though that usually when your ignored or hated in person its because people are jealous and hate that your doing well. be confident in yourself and dont even bother live offline

From ur pics u are really good looking but yeah I've been there I used to have a very good body but bcoz of breastfeeding lost a lot of weight and now I look like a stick but I hope to bounce back ones done breastfeeding and try not to compare myself to people most of them don't even have kids. It's easy to have a good body when u 18 and have a lot of time on ur hands but if you can look good after 30 and after having kids then that's a reason to be proud and I think it's archivable with a bit of effort everyday

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Wow wish I lost weight breast-feeding n been rly healthy too but need to lose a stone to get back to my pre pregnancy weight!

So many of the pictures that you see are edited/fake/etc. It's good to take social media posts with a bit of a reality check. I totally get that insecurity too, I think that it's part of being postpartum. Don't rush yourself, do what makes you feel good and 100% take a step back from social media. You're beautiful!

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Honestly it’s all fake. I was off of Instagram and Facebook for one week and I didn’t really miss it. And I don’t really care to look at it as often. But all those girls are photoshopped!! It’s not what real people look like.

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Yeah true but even though they are not real men really like how they look 🙁

men arent worth it especially if they are disrespectful not making you feel comfortable with yourself

Remember that you are in charge of your connections on any form of social media. When I got pregnant I deleted all Instagram connections that would make me feel bad as I was about to be gaining weight at quite a rate. I deleted BFing ones because when I was struggling to nurse, they would trigger my anxiety.

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I now only follow body positivity accounts as well as BF support, funny parenting, kids, & natural Afro hair If it doesn't inspire, enlighten, or make me laugh, I don't follow

Hey!! Yeah chick, I feel ya!! I found social media in general made me feel rubbish....recently just deleted all accounts, feel much better already. Xx

Yeah it really messes with me now. It never affected me much til I caught my bf liking all kinds of pics of half naked women (actually almost fully naked if it weren’t for instagrams guidelines). And I mean a bunch. It hurt. He followed a lot of these women who always post thirst traps. Some of them were pornstars too. He knew about my insecurities I opened up to him about too. He’d try scrolling by them fast whenever I was near but one day I just went through his likes and seen how much of a horn dog he was.

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Exactly and we ever I say something he starts saying that it's normal to feel like that because I'm a mom, I mean he is not helping by saying that. He even makes me feel more insecure

Literally same. It’s disgusting

Absolutely It Does. I genuinely didn’t understand how much of a sacrifice having a baby would be. But when I get too deep into that spiral I just remind myself how much I love my baby and how she’s worth my stretch marks and loss of shape. That makes it worth it. I joke that “I gave all my cuteness to my baby”. So. Thats how I justify it.

I typically delete people like that. I purged my page a few months ago and started only following real women WITH REAL bodies and actual content. It’s made it much more fun to engage

Remember that comparison is the thief of joy! And that a lot of their body parts could be fake! 😂😂😂 But really, social media gives us everyone’s highlight reel. You are fantastic, Mama!! Don’t forget that!

I agree social media has a bunch of fake asses literally . Don't compare yourself . Your beautiful in your own unique way. There are so many photo shop apps too it's ridiculous

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