I'm pregnant again!

I was 189 lbs after I had my son who will be one this week! I got down to 135 and BOOM, pregnant again! I am trying really hard to embrace this pregnancy but I thought I was done... I am 16 weeks. I was steadily losing weight so I thought nothing of it. I got sick and assumed it was covid...NOPE!! It was a baby!!! Anyways, pray for me to adopt a better attitude about my body...
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I feel the same way about myself...& I have a injury that’s kept me from the gym. & now I’m pregnant & can barley walk so... this should be fun. I keep praying I don’t gain to much

You'll drop some of that weight when you give birth...

Congrats on being a first time Mother!!

How did you lose the baby weight? Just curious. FTM here... 31 weeks + 1! Went to the doctor last week and I’m 205 😰

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I went to the gym and used Cakey Bums resistance bands, even when walking around the house. I also drank water, smoothies (not always so yummy), and ate a ton of sushi! I did have a hard time losing the first 10 lbs and then I hit a plateau for a while. I almost got discouraged but slowly I began to drop a couple of pounds here and there. Once I started seeing results, it was starting to become addicted to go to the gym!

Hi Crystal, So after reading your post a while back I remembered what my doctor told me that when you lose a significant amount of weight, you will become pregnant. He said most of his female clients do. I go to a weight loss clinic my hospital has. I’m 5.1 and 206 before I started and didn’t want to get diabetes or have to get a gastric bypass. I also was planning to become pregnant. It’s just easier get pregnant I guess without the extra weight around the middle. At least that’s always where I carry my weight in my tummy which is not good. I just wanted to tell you because that was what I thought of when I read your post. Anyway, I think you’ll watch and not go crazy with the weight gain and be totally fine.

Girrrlll I just looked at ur pictures & u are beautiful. You got nothing to worry about. You’ll be just as beautiful with a couple extra pounds & if ur determined you’ll be able to shed some of that weight again. Don’t even stress ❤️🙏🏽

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But have you ever seen a picture of your plump self vs. Your ideal weight?? 😭😭😫 and why so soon Lord?

Naww I feel u. Might wanna avoid that then 😅 I’m sure it’s not even bad but I get that we’re our biggest critics. We gotta learn to gas ourselves up more tho. Appreciate ourselves as we are in the present. Beautiful, healthy & giving life to others 🥰

It's because you were looking too good haha JK! I'm playing. I lost 80 lbs and instantly got pregnant. Within a year I was back to 125. You can lose the weight again. But for right now try to enjoy the pregnancy and know that your body is capable of greatness ❤️

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Nah! I believe that with all my heart!! Lol!! Men!!!🙃🤪 I'm tryna lose the attitude but it's mainly because of the fatigue and crying... ughhh!! I didn't think I'd get pregnant again. Threw all the maturity clothes out!! I'm mad for that too!! 🤣

Oh my gosh you sound like me my daughter was 8 months when I found out. I’m 15 weeks shes 9 months the hormones are a doozy . I cried didn’t want to accept him but then I was given his sex, I feel him flutter, I hear his heart & I accept Gods plan. I will pray for your acceptance & your weight after baby . Your feelings are totally normal we will be ok

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^^^ 🤣🤣 funny af

Yeah, I'll feel much better with another boy. I have a daughter too and ohhhhh weeeeee, she's so sassy. I find out the sex soon. But yassssss, I cried so hard! My husband tried to console me but lets just say the baby will most likely look just like him, because I'm beefin' hard with him for knockin me up... he's all calm and collected. I'm like, let me find out he saw me looking delicious and made me start over...😅🤣🤣🤣

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing

I feel you, I gained over 30kgs with my son (60lbs+), took me 6 years to go again and even then it's been a struggle to deal with the gain. I'm trying to not look at the number and focus on the dress size, which has only been about 1-2 standard sizes with only 12w to go.

Your body will come back to normal after, momma relax and enjoy that wonderful baby in your belly. Nothing it’s more beautiful then giving life. You are powerful. You are beautiful in any way. Breastfeeding helped me loosing weight. And we supposed to go back to our weight after baby is 1 year old. Love yourself the way you are and enjoy today❤️


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That is an adjustment for sure. Great work losing the weight. That’s amazing! I’m sure you will get excited again once it’s closer to delivery time. Think of it as a pregnancy challenge to eat healthy and work out safely. I know with my first I wish I worked out more. I only walked. I ate healthy but was already overweight before I became pregnant. I think you will rock your pre pregnancy weight again!

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Yes, I kinda pig out... and I try to exercise but I already feel heavy "down there" this time! What's up with that??

I feel you!!!!!! I gained 60lbs with my second I went from 140 to 200lbs!!!!!!! Felt so good to have my old body back, once he turned 13mths I found out I was pregnant again it took me a few months to be happy about the baby, mostly because I am 41 and honestly going through another pregnancy and having three kids was never my plan but.....here I am due any day and weight isn’t even on the mind I’m just waiting to meet her 🥰👶🏼

You’ll be beautiful love

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