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  • Platteville, United States
  • 8 months ago

Cloth diapers?

Any mommas trying or tried cloth diapers? If so what's your thoughts on it? I took a class today about how much money you can save and all the other benefits of them so I'm wanting to give it a try but just wanted to hear people's personal opinions on them. 😊 also great brands to use?
  • L
  • York, United States
  • 5 days ago

We cloth diaper part time. We use Alvababy pocket diapers. We use disposables when we are not at home but cloth at home. I don’t find it too difficult.

  • S
  • Wilmington, United States
  • a month ago

We got a few cloth but he was too small for them, now that he fits we LOVELOVELOVE them we use pocket, mainly Alva baby, we have some ohbabyka Andrew is a heavy wetter, and Target or Walmart has Gerber prefolds that are great paired with the charcoal/bamboo inserts. We love em and are definitely saving we have about 60

  • B
  • FL, US
  • a month ago

We do cloth as well & love it & the cute prints. We use Alvababy

  • J
  • Huntingtown, United States
  • 2 months ago

Loved my diapers! I have a huge stash I'm trying to sell if you're interested :)

  • M
  • Homewood, United States
  • 9 days ago

I’m interested!!!

  • A
  • Goldsboro, United States
  • 4 months ago

Get the toilet attachment that lets you rinse the in the toilet, then flush and wash!!! It was so nice! I was so happy my hubby bought it.

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