4 years ago

Cloth diapers?

Any mommas trying or tried cloth diapers? If so what's your thoughts on it? I took a class today about how much money you can save and all the other benefits of them so I'm wanting to give it a try but just wanted to hear people's personal opinions on them. 😊 also great brands to use?
Cloth diapers?

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1 month ago

Hey I make cloth diapers and am having a sale, please check it out !https://emmema.com/products/reusable-cloth-diaper-in-six-cute-prints

1 month ago

We have done cloth full time for both my daughters and absolutely love it. Really not that hard and so many benefits like you said! Our personal favourite brand is lil helper. They are a Canadian company and are a dream! They help you with your wash routine and fit and everything you could think of !

1 month ago

Cloth diapering is so much easier than I anticipated but be prepared to use more water / spend a little more time on laundry.

1 month ago

I use cloth full time on both my babies (13 weeks and 2yo) we love it. Main go to brands are bear bott, modern cloth nappies and hippynut. And use totsbots and little lamb for night time x

6 months ago

UK here - we use cloth and I wouldn't have it any other way! We use a mix of brands but my favourite are Little Lovebum, La Petit Ourse, and Little Lamb.

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