1 year ago

Stubborn baby!😅

At my 12 week scan the midwife was really shocked at how stubborn my baby was with rolling over. We tried absolutely everything! Yesterday we had a private scan at 16 weeks and he was even more stubborn and wouldn’t roll over even after fizzy drinks, squats, jumping and everything else. In the picture it looks like he’s elbowing the camera away!😅 Anyone else had a stubborn baby at scans and how did you manage to get them to roll over? Would love to see more than his back and bum at the next scan😂
Stubborn baby!😅

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4 months ago

My 2nd he decided that bum in the air was comfy most of my pregnancy

5 months ago

My son is doing the same thing!! Imn20 weeks and 4 days today it took an hr and 20 when it should have been 45 minutes at my anatomy scan haha

7 months ago

I literally got to the scan and he was the same. They sent me to the bathroom to wee and move. I jumped and wiggled and everything. When I got back was perfect.

8 months ago

All my girl did was hide her face and rub her eyes or something. Just got lucky in the 21 weeks scan and thats the single picture I have of her until I really hold her in my arms😄😍

9 months ago

Mine only wanted to show her bum or tummy, the first scan eventually we got a little wave but that was after almost every trick possible. Im sure they know when we want them to help is and behave for the scan

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