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Second time mommy first time breastfeeding and it hurts so much what are some ways to make it easier and less painful to breastfeed my baby.
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  • Brampton, Canada
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Best advice I can give you is to go braless & topless for a weekend and use good nipple cream plus RUB YOUR MILK INTO YOUR NIPPLES ! It works ! People don’t think breast milk has healing properties but it seriously does. Mine were cracked and bleeding and sooo sore for a week until I did this and now they’re healed and tough :) it gets better momma I promise ! Tough through it and try this

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  • Saint Peters, United States
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Make sure baby’s mouth is as wide as possible before putting them on

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Get some lanolin to put on your nipples helps with the pain and even cracked nipples. No need to wipe it off it’s safe for baby. Apply as often as needed. If it still hurts past the first month and you aren’t sure about the latch( baby slides off, makes clicking sounds at the breast) and if your nipples look like a flattened lipstick after baby eats baby might have tongue tie a nipple shield and or tongue tie correction could help.

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Eventually they become numb lol a good latch and lather on the nipple cream :)

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  • Auburn, USA
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Its totally going to suck ads in the beginning! 2nd time mom 1st time breastfeeding. I love it now my daughter is 5 months. It has its good and bad days. I rub breastmilk on my nipples after feeding so it doesnt get raw. Ive also done multiple attempts when my boobs hurt I take my boob out readjust and try again until I can tolerate it. When your boobs hurt the most give the breast that hurts first until your breast is decompressed.

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