1 year ago

How long were you in labor for?

Just curious how long were you in labor for with your 2nd? I’m 35 weeks but I’m worried about my mom not being able to be here on time when the time comes I’m in Texas she’s in Cali 🤔
How long were you in labor for?

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19 days ago

@Jessica👶👶💙💙 That is incredible 7 mins with your 2nd son, I had 3 sets of pushes with the 2nd one. I only just got to the hospital in time to give birth. I desperately needed the loo when I got there, to my amazement I saw the head appearing,I just got on the bed in time to give birth.

19 days ago

1st son 24 hours he got stuck 2nd son 7 mins in labor 4 sets of pushes and the second baby was out

19 days ago

My first a boy 11.5 hrs weighing 8lb 12oz my second a girl 3 hrs 11 mins weighing 8lb 2oz. My twin sister had lengthy labour's with her 4 children, her first born she was 36 hrs in labour which was a girl, just goes to show even being twins the length of time in labour can differ dramatically.

24 days ago

9 hours total, 10 mins pushing

24 days ago

Total labor: 21 hours. Active labor (6 cm plus): 6 hours. Pushing: 22 minutes. He was 7 lbs 4 oz This one is a girl and I’m hoping for the same 😅

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