1 year ago

Depends for labor

For the lovely ladies that have used depends adult diapers instead of large pads for laboring and after, how many packages did you actually go through? I didn’t hear of this the first time around, so I’m definitely considering it this time around if it truly is much more comfortable and such? Reviews please. 💗🤰
Depends for labor

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4 days ago

Yes yes 100% use depends for pre labor and PP bleeding. When my water broke I leaked right through pads soon as I got the depende had no issues and they were perfect for pp bleeding, I use them for my period now too at least for the first 3 heavy days. I like the Always brand but I really like the Silk brand I believe that’s it.

5 days ago

I used these but I had to line them with a sanitary towel because I was super heavy

24 days ago

Do you wear pads with these as well? Like idk if I should still buy Maxi pads to wear w these underwears. I also have a few of the Frida mom pads.

1 month ago

Honestly I only bled heavily the two days I was in the hospital. I had bought super thick overnight pads for home, but they ended up being way too much for how little I was bleeding.

1 month ago

Maternity pads are more absorbent then normal

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