3 years ago

Depends for labor

For the lovely ladies that have used depends adult diapers instead of large pads for laboring and after, how many packages did you actually go through? I didn’t hear of this the first time around, so I’m definitely considering it this time around if it truly is much more comfortable and such? Reviews please. 💗🤰
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2 months ago

These are the best! I went through 3-4 packs, they’re way more comfortable than pads!

2 months ago

LOVE depends after birth. I used 3 packages with my first son and 2 with my second. The difference? I had completely natural (no epidural) with my second birth and it really helped me keep control of my bladder in the weeks postpartum. With my first I would literally pee myself if I couldn’t run to the bathroom (and of course you can’t when you’re rocking a baby to sleep!)

2 months ago

I would say 2 packs! I used them like underwear and added extra pads to help keep them cleaner for the day/night. I bought the nighttime ones for extra absorption protection and they were great, felt so safe and comfortable wearing them. They were amazing highly recommend 🙌

last year

I went through 2! It's definitely worth it!

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