Has anyone else experienced this?

I know 100% I'm not pregnant but I keep feeling kicks and movements as if I am. It freaks me out each time it happens. Why is it happening? When will it stop?
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It takes about a whole year for your body to go back to normal but sometimes during that time you may experience times when you feel pregnant but you know you aren't. It's due to organs shifting snd getting repositioned. Also make sure to get the for cysts people kept telling me it was just phantom kicking but it ended up being a huge cyst that is (still there haven't schedule a removal yet) on my left turn and ovary making me feel pregnant

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My daughter is 14 months I think I should go get checked for a cyst then thank you!

I literally was thinking about this last night! I keep feeling weird movements too but I’m not pregnant I feel pregnant but I’m not so I’m confused

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I’m in the depo injection it’s extremely rare to get pregnant from it I just worry all the time about it 😅

I experienced this off and on the first year after I had my daughter, even though I had an IUD and rarely had sex. It was wild, but it stopped happening after a while.

So interesting you brought this up. Every so often I think for sure I feel movement here and there. No other pregnancy symptoms, though. So weird.

Apparently it’s a thing, google it! Have you tested to be safe? If not I’d speak to someone to try get your head around being not pregnant x

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