1 year ago

How do you get your milk to increase?

My girl is a week old today and she seems like she’s still hungry after eating 3 oz but that’s all I can get pumping both sides
How do you get your milk to increase?

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Farmington Hills, Michigan, US
22 days ago

@Molly Ashley is correct. Colostrum is a whole 3 course meal in a single drop. Think 4oz of formula nutrients in one drop of colostrum. Colostrum is enough for your baby. You will be fine. Don't stress yourself. Low supply is super super rare and much rarer than media would like you to think.

22 days ago

@Ashley ✨ I’ll try not to and thank you for the reassurance :)

22 days ago

@Molly dont get discouraged! I wasnt able to express out any colostrum at all, im now 16 days post partum and my milk supply is very full :)

22 days ago

@Ashley ✨ thank you, I was getting worried that something was wrong, I haven’t had much colostrum:(

22 days ago

@Molly your milk comes in after the placenta is removed. About 2-5 days afterwards. Right now your body is most likely producing colostrum :)

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