1 year ago

Advice needed!

How did/do you all cope with the stress of thinking about how you are going to financially stay afloat after baby is born? I have to leave my job once baby arrives at the beginning of February and my current job doesn’t offer paid maternity leave. So, on top of figuring out how to cover monthly bills and mortgage for three months I will be looking for a new job as well. ANY advice is much appreciated as I have just now started to worry and stress about what I am going to do after working at the same job for 3 years 😖 Bonus pic of my precious baby boy 👶🏼♥️
Advice needed!

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1 month ago

I was the same way as you. I was super stressed about money. I’ve always had anxiety so adding the hormones, it can be overwhelming. My doctor put me on antianxiet meds postpartum and it changed my life!! In the meantime I would get a meditation app on your phone. Breathe has a good free version. Also, you can get tons of used baby stuff cheap on local yardsale sites, Craigslist or at Savers. Lots of people will bargain because they want to get rid of it. Also look at local yard sales. Talk to your OB about any government recourse that can help. You’ve got this mama!!

2 months ago

Also states have for newborn all.kind of help for temporary services.

2 months ago

Short term disability can be for yourself or someone your taking care of in this case both you and your baby. This is especially if you don't have maternity leave. This is good for 6 months. This dosen't have to be like a total disable illness just not able to work due to recovery.

6 months ago

Girl, baby’s literally don’t cost money (if you breastfeed) I have a pump I got from a fb mom group and I ask for everyone to just drop off all the baby stuff they weren’t using. Cloth diaper (if you have a wash and dryer in your unit/house) if not only thing I put on my registry was diaper donations, and things for when they turn 6-12 mo Prepare for the future. High chair, baby food fund, and diapers. You got this girl

9 months ago

I am self employed so I won’t be getting maternity leave either. Don’t have any tips but just letting you know your not alone in feeling the stress

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