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Advice needed!

How did/do you all cope with the stress of thinking about how you are going to financially stay afloat after baby is born? I have to leave my job once baby arrives at the beginning of February and my current job doesn’t offer paid maternity leave. So, on top of figuring out how to cover monthly bills and mortgage for three months I will be looking for a new job as well. ANY advice is much appreciated as I have just now started to worry and stress about what I am going to do after working at the same job for 3 years 😖 Bonus pic of my precious baby boy 👶🏼♥️
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I swear the government had their own maternity leave, if you have enough hours you can get it from the government for about 6 months to a year

2 months ago

If your in the UK you can apply for Maternity pay and a sure start grant. You can also get a Healthy start card, this helps with fruit, veg and cow based formulas. You’ll also be able to apply for Universal Credit xx

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Give it to God

last year

God provides you'll be fine don't stress too early have faith, start buying things early likee diapers and wipes, onesies and sleepers

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