4 years ago

Working mamas

Hi there! Are here any part time/working from home mamas? What do you guys do? And how do you manage your time with your little ones? I am currently looking for some work to do and would love to get some recommendations or advice! Thank you ☀️
Working mamas

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1 year ago

I am a health coach and business mentor.. I love it so much. I love serving others in health and linking arms with others to do the same. My advice is do something you have a passion for or something you are willing to learn knowing that everyday is a new day to learn what you are doing just like any job ♥️

1 year ago

Work from home as an Administrative Assistant. Honestly had to find a part time sitter so I could focus on work and meetings for the first half of the day. It’s helped

1 year ago

I'm an author so I work 99% from home (with the exception of signings and other appearances, which obviously aren't happening right now anyway.) It's super flexible, I can mostly work whenever and for as long as I can/want to each day as long as I hit my deadlines. I have an almost 4 month old so it's great having such a flexible schedule, and especially since I can do most of my work from my phone if necessary, like when my son is napping on top of me.

1 year ago

I’m a Network Marketer for the F.E.C and currently hiring 😊Earning more than my full time wage, being able to work around my little boy, have fun trying out new products, and have so much fun 😊

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1 year ago

Could i have info please and is this commission based only?

2 years ago

I work part time at my own salon. Dad stays home with the two, I pump when I leave. When I am home all my attention is to the kids we try to do activities and daily walks, and now taking my 5 year old to get nails done or the store.

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