4 years ago

Eating well while breastfeeding

So my kid is 4 months old and we are exclusively breastfeeding and it’s going great. But is anyone else just constantly hungry? Like there is no amount of food to satisfy my hunger. On top of that with the lack of sleep, stress and boredom that comes with being a stay at home mom I just keep “treating myself” to unhealthy foods. I’m managing to have pretty healthy foods too but how are y’all able to limit or avoid easy, convenient, delicious and fatty foods?
Eating well while breastfeeding

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8 months ago

Yes, I am always hungry too!

3 years ago

Dont have alot of unhealthy foods in the house. Its less tempting if its not there for you to consume. I love oreos unconditionally (lol) so i buy a pack and just have a couple here and there when i have a sweet tooth. Also, on occasion i will buy a treat for the hubby and i to consume after dinner. I made a special dinner last night and bought a piece of cheesecake for us to share. Fruit is good too, its semi sweet but healthy so you kinda feel like your getting away with something. Your more hungry when breastfeeding because the baby is taking alot from you, so eat a small snack every hour or half hour. Sometimes i would eat while my daughter was feeding.

3 years ago

Two nights in a row I made apple crisp... and they were gone the day I made them. Not sure if that was the most nurturant for her milk but I can’t stop craving sweets. Which is funny because I always craved salty stuff and now I want all the sweet stuff.

3 years ago

I am 5 weeks in and when I started I didn’t want to eat at all. I put on a lot of weight in pregnancy due to preeclampsia and it has been tough. However, last 2 days I suddenly can’t fill the void! I read the hungry caterpillar to my LG and was relating to his issues 😂. The only way I am coping is by eating plenty of fibre and a little of what I possibly shouldn’t and then going for a walk or if she is awake playing with my LG to distract me. Oh and drinking before I grab some food as sometimes I’m just thirsty. Feel your pain though it’s tough !!! X

4 years ago

I’m totally with you on all fronts and feel the same way. Also 4 month old and only breastfeeding 🤱🏻 Totally find myself drifting to bad foods when I am alone and bored.

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