1 year ago

How can I increase my milk supply?

Question!! What are you done things you found helpful in increasing milk supply?! I’m already pumping every 2.5-3 hrs!
How can I increase my milk supply?

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1 month ago

@Daniela where do u buy this ?

6 months ago

For me - blue Gatorade and coconut water (I couldn't stand cw at first so I mixed them), oats, oat milk. It doesn't help will milk production but does help it come out - sunflower lecithin... There's soy lecithin in cookies which also works!

6 months ago

Eat lots of protein and oats, drink plenty of water and get as much rest as you can. Massage your breast while you pump. Skin to skin or have your babies scent while you pump helps too. Make sure you’re relaxed while pumping. You could even try power pumping.

8 months ago

Your milk supply looks great! Keep doing an amazing job mama. Milky mama products always helped me my favorite are the brownies

8 months ago

Oatmeal makes you happy full & pumping in no time ☺️

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