An important message from Peanut and the NHS. ❤️

Here at Peanut, we’re passionate about providing you with the support that you need. And although we’re living in lockdown, we want to make sure you’re still looking after yourself. We wanted to reach out to remind you of the importance of going to the doctors. Although it might sound obvious, more than 48% of people have admitted they’d avoid making the trip right now. But your health can’t wait. That’s why this winter the NHS Help Us, Help You campaign is urging you to access the services you need, when you need them. Despite COVID-19, the NHS can still see you and extra precautions are in place to ensure you feel safe. So if in doubt, please get checked out. ❤️
An important message from Peanut and the NHS. ❤️
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Thank you for this message @Team Peanut & NHS. I find it really concerning when a lot of the ladies are either 'reluctant' or believe that they are going to be a 'trouble' to their GP. Our health is incredibly important whether its; physical, emotional or mental wellbeing. Please ladies, if something doesn't feel right, or if something isn't right with your child &/or if you need help... Please, please, please reach out to your local GP. You are no trouble to your GP/health service etc.... You DO matter & you ARE important x

So glad to see this message. You should have this message pop up before people post! Or "it looks like you are asking for medical advice from strangers on the Internet, are you sure you don't want to ask a professional?" Or "it looks like you're about to give medical advice, are you registered with an appropriate medical body?"

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100% agree!

@Katie this is a good idea x

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