1 year ago

Have you had this?

I’m 15+2 with twins, was lying down and noticed one side of my bump was raised and a bit harder. Do you think this is one of my babies? 😂 I’m thinking bum or head maybe haha! I have been feeling little flutters recently but not anything visible. Or am I way more constipated than I thought 🤣
Have you had this?

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10 days ago

I recently gave birth at 7.5 months in July, my daughter is now home. I had this same bump, it was a fibroid for me, it would look bigger when her head was at the same spot.

30 days ago

Yup! I had that with my son :)

4 months ago

I had that happen a lot when I was pregnant with my twins 😂

Princeton, Florida, US
7 months ago

It happens to me and I think it’s her butt lol

8 months ago

I had this

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