1 year ago

Potty training!

Hey everyone! I’m in need of some potty training tips for my 2 year old son! He doesn’t say hardly any words yet so he can’t really tell me verbally when he needs to go!
Potty training!

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3 months ago

I just want to start off by saying it’s never to early. Some kids start speaking late and some early either way they find ways to communicate don’t they? Right so if you feel comfortable try it it’s something that’ll have to be a routine for sure and you’ll kind of have to guess at this point. I’d do like what the 1st person said and if you give them a drink of something I’d put them on some what right after good luck!

3 months ago

Luckily, a child doesn't necessarily need to be able to speak (or hear) to learn a new life skill like potty training. Non verbal and non hearing and non seeing babies learn potty training all the time - without ever speaking or hearing a word. As long as a toddler can understand simple words, requests & commands they can learn to use the potty! Self initiating or self prompting and toileting independence is a skill that typically develops later. You cant rely on your little cutie to go potty on their own or to tell you they need to go potty or request to go to the bathroom. That part doesn't commonly come automatically for a toddler. We cant rely on a toddler to "tell us" they need to go potty. Self initiating is a skill that typically develops later in the potty training process. You'll find lots of valuable tips and helpful ideas in my potty training video series. They're free on my youtube channel and they're only 10 minutes! https://youtu.be/dl9tOmqESRw

3 months ago

what are the signs for potty training & can you tell the process how you initially did the training. My daughter is 2 but she only says 2 words in combination but never lets me know when she does one🤷‍♀️

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3 months ago

Signs that she is ready: She tries to remove her own spoiled diapers. If she hides to go poop. First thing I did was take my daughter to the toilet with me and act excited whenever I finished. I narrated the whole event in an exaggerated way. I did this for a few weeks. When I started training her I kept her in panties only and put her on the potty chair every 30 min. I followed her all day from room to room. Also, it helps to have multiple potty seats so you don't have to lug the same one around to each room. She had a few accidents, but I told her accidents happen and I tried to catch her midstream and let her finish going on the seat. Dumping the contents into the toilet and flushing it was another big deal I made. We sing and clap and dance each time. I gave her a few Skittles each time she was successful. Second day I put her on the potty every 40 min or so, third day was about every hour. No more accidents after the fourth day!

5 months ago

I tried when my son was 2yrs 3mths, I was 6.5mths pregnant and it was a disaster. We tried when he was 2.5yrs and it took a few weeks. He is now 2yrs 10mths and is toilet trained for day and night for almost 2mths now. We had the potty out from the first time we tried so he became familiar with it being in the bathroom. We used a reward chart and he got a sticker everytime he went. We changed it to everytime he did a poo when he became more consistent and then just overnight when we moved to training for overnight. He got to choose his reward at the start so he knew what he was working towards. We went cold turkey at 2.5yrs and we had 3-4days of constant accidents but he became fairly comfortable/confident on what he had to do. He also randomly started going straight on the toilet at my mums by himself so we took the potty away about 2wks in and he's been going on the toilet by himself. I'd did find having him comfortable in understanding what we were doing vital in ensure success. There is no need to rush!

6 months ago

My 2 year old son can communicate but don't think he's fully ready as he won't tell me when he needs to go to the toilet. I've been trying to get him used to the idea of sitting on the toilet (with a training seat). Initially he hated it so much and would stiffen up, the one day he warmed up to it (lasted about a week), and now we're back at square one. I'm so confused as to what has happened that he is refusing to sit on it after doing so well 😭

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