1 year ago

Heart abnormalities and scans

So I had my anomaly scan on Tuesday at 20+4 and they flagged up an abnormality with my baby’s heart. The sonographer called in the senior sonographer to also have a look and they both said they’ve never seen anything like it despite the 30 years experience between them. They’ve referred me to the Royal Brompton Hospital in London for a fetal echocardiogram to have a look further and find out what’s going on. They said it could all be fine but best to get checked. My scan is tomorrow and I’m absolutely worried sick. I’ve barely slept the last few days worrying and despite trying to tell myself it could be nothing my brain is running to all sorts of horrible thoughts. Has anyone else required extra checks on their baby’s heart and they’ve been absolutely fine? I never had anything like this with my first so this is all very scary and unknown.
Heart abnormalities and scans

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1 month ago

How did it go? I had my baby in December and he was born with a heart condition that was never diagnosed in ultrasound

2 months ago

I had this with my pregnancy with my son, they had me convinced I was going to loose him due to a hematoma, that I would have to have a scheduled c section in Dublin (I like I Northern Ireland) and that he would need open heart surgery as soon as he was born. I had an emergency c section at my local hospital due to being in slow labour for 3 days and he is absolutely fine. I know it's easier to say than do but do try not to worry

3 months ago

Thinking of you x

3 months ago

Prayers and blessing your way 🙏🏾

4 months ago

My baby has a rare and weird heart defect that was first detected at the 20 week scan. Requires some extra checks both pre and post birth. We'll be dealing with it for a while, but overall we still have a very healthy little boy! He's doing great and is thriving. It's definitely scary whenever there is a possible issue, but a lot of times it's nothing or something very manageable. Will be praying for you!

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