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1 year ago

Stillbirth and pregnancy loss shouldn’t be taboo: let’s share our stories. ♥️

Despite nearly 1 in 4 pregnancies ending in loss, many women suffer through this alone and don’t share their experiences, which is being exacerbated by COVID-19. I’m Ashleigh from Team Peanut, and we’re on a mission to encourage women to open up about their experiences of stillbirth to help other women feel supported. We’re reaching out today to talk with women whose babies were born sleeping in the last six months. If you’d be comfortable sharing your experience to help other women, comment below or send me a message. We appreciate your bravery in advance. ♥️
Stillbirth and pregnancy loss shouldn’t be taboo: let’s share our stories. ♥️

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1 month ago

I lost my first at 16-18 weeks gone it was awful the only support I had was my partner and I never got to have a scan or prints as there was just no support when I lost my second and third baby at 7 and 12 weeks I got photos and there was more support then I joined a support group who was amazing I still haven’t got over losing my first and I still have dreams nearly 9 years on about her but it’s easier now and my babies keep me filled up with cuddles

1 month ago

Started TTC in 2020 and had my first miscarriage February of that year. I went on to have 4 more miscarriages during the almost 2 years TTC. I lost them all very early on between 4-6 weeks. Even though they were early they still absolutely broke my heart and I still get sad about them now even though I finally have my beautiful rainbow daughter earthside. I never thought I’d get to be a mum after suffering so many early losses but I never gave up. I pushed the doctors and nhs as much as I could! We even booked private assessments with a fertility clinic. I was willing to pay as much as I needed to finally be blessed with our rainbow but in the end it happened naturally (with some help of started thyroid medication) and I am so in love with her. Birth ended up being traumatic for us which I am still trying to deal with now, she also wasn’t very well the first week of her life and we had to stay in hospital for longer than we wanted to be but she’s well and happy now♥️🌈

6 months ago

I was pregnant n lost my baby at 6weeks my due date would’ve been July 14th so I’ve jus been in a ugh mood yea we are trying again but blah

6 months ago

I was 9 weeks and lost my baby. That would have been our second. I was completely heartbroken and terrified to try again. I was the “one and done”person. The years just kept flying by and of course my daughter and I are getting older. So me now over 40, 12 years between them I decided we should try. I actually ended up pregnant with twins but at my 8 week u/s one was not viable. I now have another little girl (6 months on the 18th). Now I think, wow I’m a mom of 4 babies when I thought I only wanted one. I know so many who have had a loss in some way and it’s heartbreaking. Knowing there are other women who have dealt with the same thing may help someone through the process. 🌈❤️

6 months ago

I lost my first at 17 years old and was 6 weeks pregnant then lost my second at 19 years old at 16 weeks made me not want to get pregnant again out of worry it would happen again however since got blessed with a full term baby when I was 21 and a 28 weeks baby at 23 who’s still doing really well hearing other peoples positive stories really helped me know they is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s a lot more common then I first thought x

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