• L
  • Pensacola, USA
  • a year ago

Am i a bad mom?

Hey moms. I need to know if i am a horrible mother....i am 24 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I already love him with all my heart but i hate being pregnant....i was told that makes me a horrible mom and that it also means i hate my son. Ever sesne i found i was pregnant (at 3 weeks) i have felt miserable. Is it okay to hate being pregnant?
  • C
  • CO, US
  • 9 months ago

It wasn’t my favorite because I was always sick ... Everyone has their on opinion something but I don’t think it does ...

  • J
  • Centerville, USA
  • 9 months ago

Oh goodness, you're not terrible for hating to be pregnant! You love your baby to pieces and you do best by him that's all that matters. Much love, momma!

  • K
  • Cuba, United States
  • 9 months ago

I love my son but I hate being pregnant but that just becuase I felt unconscionable and sore All the time. I am sure you are just to excited to have ur little one. so u can hold ur little amd give him/ her all the loving that. U have for him/her.

  • S
  • Sacramento, United States
  • 9 months ago

Everyone told me to soak up being pregnant youll miss it blah blah blah only things i miss are feeling her move around and the excitement of ultrasounds. I hated being told i should just enjoy being pregnant Itll be over soon..FALSE!..it still doesnt seem like it flew by and i still hated it i was in pain, sick, bloated everywhere, irritable, etc..it wad just all bad. I loved my baby before i knew who was in there though! I loved her through the labor pains and through the pushing, i loved her when she came out and i love her now. Id do it again! But ill hate it all over again! Lmao long story short thats not a bad mom, youre just human responding to discomfort and the horomones being pregnant are a bitch so go easy on yourself. Plus whoever is telling you shit like that stay away from them you dont need that negativity being pregnant. Youre a good mom!

  • L
  • Falls Church, United States
  • 10 months ago

This is an odd question. You can hate every minute of being pregnant and also be the best mom. Pregnancy can be terrible. It however has nothing to do with how you perform as a parent/caretaker.

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