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  • Spring Valley, United States
  • 2 months ago

Toddler talking

At what age did your toddler begin saying full words. Preferably toddler boys. My son is now 17 months and doesn’t say much but one word.
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  • High Point, United States
  • 5 days ago

Gosh, I hate how we are taught to put our children in a chart! Every kid is different therefore he/she will have his own pace to do things! I have heard kids talking non stop as early as 1 year old but some kids take their time and don’t start until 3. Yes, early intervention it’s great but be careful with misdiagnosis bc we live in a money milking society.

  • A
  • Halifax, Canada
  • a month ago

My daughter says probably one or two dozen at 17 months now but only those who spend a good amount of time with her understand most of them. People will tell you their kids are talking but they embellished. Example: book, boots & boobs are all “boo”. I wouldn’t worry about it. A few months ago I thought she had basically just mama and dada and then I started hearing more and more, especially once I started listening for her “half-words”.

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  • Hillsboro, United States
  • a month ago

I'm in the same boat my son is 17 months and only says like a couple of words it makes me nervous because my first didn't talk until he was 3 and 1/2 and he had a undionosed tongue tie that we didn't find out about until he was five and he still struggles with speech so it makes me worried about my second one who is 17 months and he also had a severe tongue tie and he is slow to talk and say words to but he's getting there it just takes time. If you're really worried I would get him evaluated and also make sure he doesn't have an undiagnosed tongue tie because that's common.

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  • Williamsville, United States
  • a month ago

I wouldn't worry. My son is 19 months and I used to be so worried because he wouldn't say anything, but his little brain was absorbing everything. one day he just started pointing to stuff and naming what it was. Don't worry. He will get there.

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  • Long Beach, United States
  • a month ago

Hi, I’m a speech pathologist. Sadly, pediatricians don’t always know when to refer for services or assessment. At 18 months, we would expect about 50 words and by 2, this typically jumps up to 200+ words. Once a child has about 50 words, that’s when we start seeing them put two words together, like “baby sleep” and “want cookie”. I hope that helps a bit. It’s never bad to err on the side of caution. Early intervention makes all the difference. 💗You know your baby best.

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