1 year ago

Coping with baby in NICU

When I get home I get so lonely without him, I think only of him and just want him with me. Been having small breakdowns here and there. When I see his picture I just want to sob. How do you cope with this? I've been trying to focus on what I CAN do as opposed to what I can't do. Been trying to focus on recovering from the c-section. I visit him twice a day every day. And then it's so hard to leave him. I've never felt such a penetrating deep sadness before.
Coping with baby in NICU

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1 month ago

I wasn’t away from my baby very long as I didn’t live local so was given a room to stay with her but it’s definitely hard I use to keep a Muslin with me that had been with her and then do the same for her and leave one that had been with me and changed it every time I went to vist. I would take lots of videos and photos and the hospital had phones/pads they’d use to take photos and keep us updated also if ring through the time I wasn’t there. But it’s okay to cry but I tried to focus on the positives that my baby was in the best place for them at the time and that they’d be home soon ❤️

1 month ago

Aww sorry that your baby is in nicu

1 month ago

I don’t know why I’m just seeing this but I hope all is well with you and baby 🥰 we were in hospital for 2 months here ❤️ hardest point of my life but we made it home good and safe!

3 months ago

Focus on the positives. Your baby is alive. One. You are still very much connected to that baby and didn't dissociate so deeply from the trauma of the separation that you feel nothing and the child doesn't feel like your own. Focus on your blessings. Be grateful for what you do have. Thats all I can advise. Baby will be home soon and you will be well enough to be the best Mum to them.

4 months ago

Nicu baby... one if the hardest things a new mom can go through! I can totally relate ❤

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