3 years ago

Coping with baby in NICU

When I get home I get so lonely without him, I think only of him and just want him with me. Been having small breakdowns here and there. When I see his picture I just want to sob. How do you cope with this? I've been trying to focus on what I CAN do as opposed to what I can't do. Been trying to focus on recovering from the c-section. I visit him twice a day every day. And then it's so hard to leave him. I've never felt such a penetrating deep sadness before.
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2 months ago

The nicu was very hard. I remember it, but at the same time I have blocked it out. I can hardly look at the pictures with all the things attached to her. I would bring a blanket to hold her skin to skin and bring it home with me and snuggled it during the night to smell her. It comforted me. I spent 12 hours a day with her and would sob the hour ride home, and all through the night as I pumped. I remember my chest physically aching when I had to leave. It will feel like a weight off your shoulders when she is home with you. I feel like being a nicu mama with no support made me feel like I could go through anything. It made us stronger.

3 months ago

Lots of love and prayers for you and your sweet baby. Stay strong mama ♥️

3 months ago

My little girl was born at 30 weeks exactly.. we spent 8 long weeks in the nicu. I had an emergency C-section so felt ripped from being a mum and giving birth. Best advice anyone could ever give a nicu mumma is take the rest you need, listen to your body, cuddle your little one as much as you can when possible and talk to your baby as much as possible. My girl is now 7 months old from birth and 4.5 months from gestational age and she’s so smart.. loves to smile, talk away and laugh! It does get better. Those nurses are the best 💛

last year

I hope all is well for you!! ❤️ My son was born at 35 weeks and he had a major surgery at 3 weeks old, he’s doing amazing now and turning 1 next month!!

last year

Hope all you lovely people are alright take care god bless xx

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