1 year ago

C Section experiences

What is your experience? Was it elected or an emergency? This photo makes it look so simple. Do you still have a scar from the incision? How did it heal? Just lost my mucous plug. I had a vaginal birth the first time but I’m trying to mentally prepare for this second time around. My obgyn kept threatening me with a csection if I didn’t push hard enough...and this baby is already a pound heavier than my first.
C Section experiences

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3 days ago

@Gokce birth trauma, I get that

3 days ago

Mine was planned, my son was breech lol, sadly I don’t remember much because I disassociated during pregnancy and 5 months after due to depression. I do remember some moments because Inhad some pictures and I was happy to have my son. My c-section recovery sucked, because I am a younger mom, AND it was my FIRST MAJOR surgery. Overall it gets a 5.5/10, because it got the job done and I got my beautiful baby boy.

11 days ago

I had a elective c section Recovery was painful .. laying down in bed and getting up hurts so bad took me 6 weeks to feel better. Jsut make sure you rest and walk drink water take your meds

16 days ago

@Nicole me too girl! Me and baby got it in the hospital 💕

16 days ago

Emergency section as I wasn't doing well then I got sepsis 🥲 all the while my girl was fine and I'm very grateful 💜

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