2 years ago

C Section experiences

What is your experience? Was it elected or an emergency? This photo makes it look so simple. Do you still have a scar from the incision? How did it heal? Just lost my mucous plug. I had a vaginal birth the first time but I’m trying to mentally prepare for this second time around. My obgyn kept threatening me with a csection if I didn’t push hard enough...and this baby is already a pound heavier than my first.
C Section experiences
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12 hours ago

Had a planned c section because that's how I wanted to do it. No issues with the baby. Everything went great and i felt very prepared and ready even though I started going into labor 3 days before the date my Dr selected. They offered me to deliver vaginally because labor was moving along but I still said no and went the planned c section route. You can't even see the scar anymore. He's almost 2 years old now. I love that I had the option to deliver with a c section. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Recovery was fine. Of course painful if you don't keep up with the meds but take care of yourself, baby and take your meds and try to get someone to help you the first week so you're not having to get up and lay down a ton.

last month

I elected for a C-section due to size of baby and family history. I was scheduled for 39 weeks but at 37 my water broke. I was given the option at that time to still have a c-section which is what I did and I don't regret it one bit. I went into the hospital at 7:30 and by 9:30 my baby was born. The recovery for me was super easy and smooth. You can still see my scar but I'm only 3 months postpartum. My hospital used glue, which I'm not sure if that's the norm across the board, but I think that's what made my recovery easy and not at all painful like everyone warned me. With that being said, you still have to take it easy but if given the choice I'd do it all over again.

last month

I had a planned c-section as well. It was my first major surgery at 18 years old. My baby was breach and i didn’t want to go thru the procedure of flipping him over. I think at first I blamed myself for not giving birth vaginally, but then he came into this world and it was amazing. The only part i hated was that I flatlined, and I was on a lot of medication/anesthesia so I can’t remember my sons birth :( sadly. So I try to make the most of it now , lots of pictures so we can look back on these days. As for c-section healing, 1. you can’t tell i had a baby 2. scar is barely noticeable unless i wear low waisted jeans and a crop top 3. Healing was kind of hard but it was so great getting to br with my son for the time being (i was working but then i quit, and now my sons 9 months so i’m currently back at work) I think being postpartum was worse than the birth lol , c-sections for the most part aren’t all bad.

last month

I chose to have a C-section for both my first and second children. I just didn't want to have to push and I like to be in control of things so planning my delivery worked out best for me. My scar is not noticeable unless you're eye level and your face is 6 inches away and even then it's very faded.

last month

I had a planned c section. My baby girl was still not position into the cervix she was still hanging out. But she was also a big mamas almost 8lb 13oz my dr advised to do the c section so that I wouldn’t be in labor for hours or feel pain. At first I didn’t want one I wanted natural but the thought of being in Labor for a few hours scared me since she wasn’t already cooperating I didn’t want to risk it. My dr was amazing and so gentle as he walked me through the entire process my scar is below my bikini line and is already fading (I had the baby in January) We’re pregnant again due in March and I’ll be taking the c section route once more. Since my scarring is doing well and my skin healed very nicely. The pain was rough for the first week. But after that I was good to move freely up and down stairs.

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