No one tells you being checked for dilation HURTS!!

Why does no one talk about the fact that being checked for dilation hurts?! Omg I was NOT expecting that at all! I’ve read that people compare it to a Pap smear?! No way.. for me it was like a rod was being rammed up in me. So painful!! Anyone else experience this? My dr said his head was so low he had to go up and around to get to the cervix but seriously so painful!
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I’m getting checked today at my 32 week appointment & I’m super scared lol

Insanely painful!! I used to thrash my legs and grit my teeth and cry and grip my husband’s hand for dear life. He would buy me a frosty at Wendy’s after every OB appointment to make up for it 😂 His face was so hilarious when they did my first check after the epidural because there was absolutely zero reaction. And at my 6 week post partum checkup it was also easy peasy I think it must be worse for first time moms

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Wait what? They check you again post partum?? 😟

Yes at 6 weeks. But I swear to you I felt NOTHING then and I was in excruciating pain while pregnant (same doctor same technique). It’s really much better after birth I promise!

My midwives don't do cervical checks as part of routine care. With my first I was check after 9 hours of labor (was 10 cm). And with my 2nd we check at 41+3 (I was 5 or cm) & he was born 2 days later. Cervical dilation is not an accurate guide of when baby will be born. You could be 8 cm & something startles you & you go back down to 5 cm. Or you can jump from 3 cm to 10cm in a hour.

I kinda guessed it was gonna hurt just because of what was involved and pap smears were always hell for me anyway. After I was admitted to the hospital I told them to check dilation only if they absolutely had to.😓 still hurt every time until I got an epidural.

Yeah, my doctor made me bleed from stretching. Hurt so bad

When i was being check i accidentally kicked the lady in the face lmfao. I had a contraction with her hand up there

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This is why I refuse to get them

In the beginning it was fine when the contractions were mild and I was only 1cm dilated which lasted over a week like that. However once in active labour and I was 3cms + and contractions stronger it was horrific and just started another contraction every time!

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Yup I'm dealing with this now as I have been Admitted on Friday the 3 checks I got hurt so bad I couldn't catch my breath. Then the put the balloon in and since then I'm only 3cm and every time they do it I get contractions that last 10mins back to back

It didn’t hurt for me. It was just uncomfortable. Getting my membranes stripped was painful though.

Oh god tell me about it. Last Wednesday I went to the maternity triage and the doctor checked me for dilation I think she called it a sweep or something. I’d had the speculum before so I thought the sweep sounds nice and gentle lmao! Well I’ve personally never felt so violated. Turns out I was dilated at 3cm and ended up having contractions from 10 that morning and had my baby at 11:04 the next day. I’m convinced having this is what triggered my labour. By the looks of things not everyone else experiences the same pain. Hope you’re ok now lovely xxx

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The purpose of a sweep is to separate the uterine membranes from your cervix to bring on labour - that really should have been explained to you - doesn't always work but you're one of the lucky ones who it worked for! Congratulations x

Thank you! Must admit they weren’t very great at explaining the reasons behind anything at the hospital. All they said was that I had a favourable cervix. I still wasn’t due for another 3 and a bit weeks but very glad that I got to meet my little one a little earlier xx

I’ve noticed it depends on who is checking me. When my Dr. checks me I barely notice but if anyone else Is checking me it hurts like hell.

It hurt me this pregnancy! But with my first it wasnt bad at all. Its so weird how each pregnancy is so different!

I guess now is a good time to tell you about having an entire hand inside your hot pocket scooping out the leftover afterbirth. Or the nurse coming in to push down hella hard on your sore stomach while you are trying to rest after giving birth. It's not comfortable but worth it 💕

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Wait what? A whole hand? Jeez 😵

Yea, excuse me? The HAND is going up where? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ya I wish I would have known that too! But I'm happy the doc did that and we knew I was taking forever to progress I chugged raspberry leaf tea to get labor going and finally was in early labor when I went in to be induced.

I wasn’t expecting it either and it is definitely uncomfortable and painful!

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I was never checked until I was in active labor & the doctor was very gentle. The contractions hurt more than checking my cervix.

Because it doesent hurt of everyone is probably why they don't talk about it

Do we have to let them check? Can I just say I don’t want it at all?

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Oh that’s good because I also don’t really want them to see how things are going because I don’t wanna be pushed to pitocin or other interventions.

You can but it helps them know how things are moving along, If you're close or if things are taking too long ect..but you can refuse any examination, some women find it more uncomfortable than others for lots of reasons but it only lasts a few minutes max x

I would never have a check . So sorry it was painful

My contractions were so close together and intense by the time I got to the hospital that I didn't even really notice what it felt like when they checked me.

If you have to have it done again, sit on your fists, it tilts your womb upwards towards them slightly so theres less pushing against you x

My mum warned me. If you really hate them you can always refuse, or at least get them to negotiate consent with you for exams, get them to let you know exactly why they want to examine you and what would happen if they didn't examine you etc

I barely felt the midwife doing mine as I was in too much pain with labour x

I’m about to go for my 36 week check and I’m pretty sure my OB said she’s checking me at this one!😬😬 I’m a labor and delivery nurse so unfortunately I know all too well how aggressive these checks can be (I promise we don’t do it on purpose!!) But now that it’s going to be happening to me I’m freaking out esp since bf can’t be there to hold my hand 😢

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You seem like a good person to ask.. is it normal to bleed some afterwards? It wasn’t as painful as I was worried it would be, but I was surprised when I had some bleeding after.

Yes spotting is normal after a cervical check! It’s very vascular and we are literally jamming our fingers into it

It depends on the person doing it.

It hurt less the more dilated I was, what hurt me was the catheter during labour because I physically couldn’t pee but I was drinking so much water! So they had to do it 3 times, the last time was unbearable and I was in back to back labour for 3 days 😂

For this reason alone is why I got an epidural! The contractions weren't bad for me but checking how dialated I was was what almost killed me. They told me that sometimes it's more painful because the woman has a high cervix or something like that & I guess that's what I have.

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Yep!! I’ll definitely be getting the epidural as well! So painful 😣

It was beyond painful for me. For some lucky ladies it doesn't hurt but for me it was terrible. I only got checked when absolutely necessary. Once when I thought I was leaking amniotic fluid, once when I believed I was in active labor after reaching the hospital, and once when I said I felt ready to push.

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Definitely won’t be getting checked again unless I have to!!

Tell me about!! Is the worst You already gave birth?

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Oh okay! What are you having? Yeah when I was in active labor they checked me during contractions and it's worst.

Omg it was terrible! No I’m 37 weeks and just got checked for the first time today. 1 cm dilated 🙌🏻 I won’t be getting checked again unless it’s absolutely necessary!

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