4 years ago

Early tantrums!? HELP!

My sweet little girl is 8 months old and has begun tantruming. She throws her head all the way back and screams when she doesn't get her way! She's doing it quite often now (getting into car seat, not feeding her fast enough, when I sit her down to play with her toys)...I tell her no, but she's to young to comprehend. Any suggestions as to how I can let her know that mommy will not tolerate that behavior?
Early tantrums!? HELP!

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7 months ago

Sign language helped so much for us in the first couple years! I just YouTuber some basic signs like milk, please, more, thank you, etc. Words that are used most often. She's much too young for discipline, but setting her down and clearly stating that that is not ok is ok to do :) oftentimes, children will act out for more attention, so usually making it known that you will give her positive attention when she can communicate what she wants will help her not escalate the situation. No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury is a good read, and Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay is good too. Good luck mama, you're doing a great job!!

7 months ago

Worse word to use is no. You have to distract

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6 months ago

My son throws his water while eating to get attention my husband kept saying no sternly. I told him to ignore the negative behaviour and just keep reinforcing where he should put the water bottle on his tray. My son has been practicing placing it down and I tell him look how gently you put your water down you should be proud of your hard work. He loves that and claps and smiles. He is slowly starting to not throw the bottle as often now. There is no point getting too firm with them they are learning boundaries just be consistent in showing what you want to see and they will eventually follow.

8 months ago

My 6 month old does it.. isn’t that too early 😩

9 months ago

Not for everyone, but I find these ladies incredibly helpful when dealing with the toddler tantrums (https://biglittlefeelings.com/). My little guy (2) also had tantrums from an early age, I found the best way to deal with them was to not react but to distract, the distraction was my saviour during those early aged tantrums.

10 months ago

^ What Kristean said. I worked as a behavioral therapist and the best way to do it is first then. If she has trouble getting in the car seat pair it with reinforcement. Ask her before hand what toy she wants to bring and then let her know first she need to get into the car seat then she can have the toy. You can also use a snack as an option if that helps. As to the tantrums for not getting what she wants just place it on extinction and do not provide any attention. Like if it's not happening. When she's behaving appropriately, be specific on what you like that she's doing. Ex: I like how you're sitting and playing with your toys. Same thing can be with independently play you can set a timer and let her know first she'll play by herself for 1 or 5 min depending on where her tolerance is then she can have a reinforcing item or she can have some play time with you. Your baby girl is gorgeous by the way! Let me know if you have any questions.

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