Brick, New Jersey, US
4 years ago

Children’s Life Insurance

Does anybody know if the Gerber Grow Up Plan is worth it? Or can anybody tell me any positive experiences they’ve had with it.
Children’s Life Insurance

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7 months ago

I have experience with Gerber and I am a life insurance agent for another company. Connect and I will help.

10 months ago

Hi I’m a licensed life agent/finance educator. Financial literacy is important for everyone to learn esp so we can pass that on to our children. It is important to know how money works, how money grows and how these accounts are taxed. I can explain all these options: 529, life insurance, savings, etc so you can have a better idea what fits your financial needs and goals as a family at no obligation.

3 years ago

I have my life licensed for Texas and would love to help you find a plan for your family. Feel free to message me if you would like help or have any questions.

4 years ago

Gerber Grow Up pissed me off. First I was roped in with a "free 30 day look through". To me, that implies I get to explore the plan for 30 days for free. No. What they actually meant is we're gonna charge you and you have 30 days to cancel. That to me is more of a "30 day money back, guarantee" Then when I tried to cancel the policy, I got a recording through their phone number of "we're busy taking calls so your call cannot be completed" then it hung up. There was NO WAY to Facebook them to cancel my policy. In fact, it took me posting a message eerily similar to this on FB for Gerber to finally contact me and allow me to cancel my policy.

4 years ago

If anybody need helps on insurance, I can definitely help you since that’s what I do for a living lol I don’t mind answering any questions you may have to clarify. I just don’t want y’all to end up thinking something is a great deal and end up with the short end of the stick. There are basically 2 types of life insurance: TERM & WHOLE. More than likely if you’re paying less than 50$ a month, you have a TERM life insurance policy which means it will end once the TERM is over. WHOLE life means than once the set amount of time you agreed to pay is over, you still have the policy for your WHOLE life. Anywho, anyone looking for help just dm me! I’m always happy to help a fellow momma!

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4 years ago

FOR SURE THOUGH.. always go with a company that can be there for you. If you need help on knowing, let me know. NOT trying to sell to you guys, just don’t want anyone to be cheated.

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